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Misty Lake

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium

遭遇する妖怪: 妖精や湖に住む妖怪、紅魔館に住む妖怪

Encounterable youkai: Fairies and youkai living by the lake, the youkai of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


At the foot of the Mountain of Youkai, at a place that humans don't usually go near, there is a big lake.


The surroundings of this lake are shrouded in mist when it becomes noon, so visibility is poor.


Near the lake fairies and youkai often gather, and, especially in summer, youkai gather there in search of a watering hole.


It is not clearly understood why it tends to be misty just at noontime.


Since the visibility is so bad, the lake seems unbelievably huge, but it is actually believed not to be that big.


Even if you walked the full lap around the lake it would take less than half a moment(*8).


The lake is also famous for the giant monster fish(*9) that on rare occasions can be fished under the nights of the new moon.


There are many anglers that set out, dreaming of catching a monster fish like that(*10).


The river that flows into the lake flows from the Mountain of Youkai.


It is said that once in a blue moon kappa drift into the lake as well.


Such a sight would surely melt one´s heart.

*8 一時間程度

8: About an hour.

*9 二~五尋程度の長さの鯉の様な魚と言われている。文献に残る最大の物で十尋と言われているが、それは言い過ぎではないか。

9: It is said that it is a carp-like fish 2 to 5 fathoms in length. The largest that remains in the written records is said to have been 10 fathoms, but that must be an exaggeration, right?

*10 その殆どが夢破れるか、自分が妖怪に釣られる事となる。

10: They mostly either have their dreams broken, or end up being fished by youkai themselves.