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Guide of the Sanzu no Kawa

小野塚 小町

Komachi Onoduka [sic]

能力: 距離を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulation of Distance

危険度: 低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Normal

主な活動場所:  三途の河

Main place of activity: Sanzu no Kawa

三途の河で船頭をやっている 死神である。

A death god captaining a boat that plies the Sanzu no Kawa.


There are many such captain death gods, but she is responsible for ferrying most of the souls of Gensokyo humans(*1).


It's perhaps for this reason that she can often be seen in Gensokyo(*2).


Her tall geta and enormous sickle give her an imposing stature.


Since she's so overwhelming if you see her in life, she must be all the more imposing after you've died and become a ghost.


As she loves to talk, and is possessed of impressive tone and power, she likely carries a number of one-sided conversations while ferrying souls(*3).


Surely, one must sit patiently and endure until they have reached the other side of the river.


Distance Manipulation Ability


It's said the width of the Sanzu no Kawa changes according to the person that's crossing it.


Its length is determined by the toll paid to ferrying death god, and can be made shorter with large payments.


It is said that the ferriage can be paid out of one's own assets - but not the personal assets collected over one's life, but rather the money spent by close relations in behalf of the deceased.


If by some chance this figure is negative, then the ferry will never reach the other side, and the deceased will likely be thrown out into the river.


Whether one makes it or not is all up to the attending death god.


Komachi's boat which crosses the Sanzu no Kawa


There are no winds over the Sanzu no Kawa, so the ships that cross it have no sails, and are all rowed by hand.


Compared to her own flashiness, her ship is actually a very austere affair with no decoration.


If you assume that all the other death god's ships are similarly modestly furnished, one might suppose they are provisioned from hell.


As hell's facilities must naturally expand to accommodate rising populations, it's said hell is currently experiencing a period of financial difficulty.


Thus, the death gods likely have no choice but to use antiquated ferries.

*1 手が空いていると外の世界の人間も運ぶ事もある。

1: She will even do the same for humans from the outside world if she has free time.

*2 サポっている?

2: Is she slacking?

*3 幽霊は喋れないので当たり前だが。

3: Of course, ghosts can't talk back.