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Human Village

危険度: 低

Threat level: Neutral

遭遇する妖怪: 獣人、妖精、幽霊他

Encounterable youkai: Part-Man/Part-Beasts, Fairies, Ghosts, etc.


The place where most of Gensokyo's humans live.


Although many youkai also visit the village for the stores of use to them, they are rarely violent, so it is a carefree place (*1).


Everything necessary for human life can be arranged here.


Moreover, humans who work as youkai exterminators can also lead a safe life here.


If one wonders why the human village is not attacked, the truth is that it's protected by wise youkai (*2).


As long as the humans don't go out, they won't meet any harm.


Even if you meet a youkai in the village, you should greet them respectfully as if they were your elder (*3).


Moreover, although many stores are kept open late at night, nocturnal business may also be done at stores exclusively for youkai.


Since many youkai are active at night, such stores are quite prosperous.


It can be said that youkai are good customers.


It is also an everyday occurrence for youkai and humans to drink sake together particularly at those shops.

*1 稗田家がある場所も、勿論人間の里。

1: Of course, the Hieda family lives here as well.

*2 幻想郷の人間が滅ぶと妖怪も困るから。

2: If the humans of Gensokyo perished, the youkai would also be troubled.

*3 高確率で目上の者。

3: There is a high probability that they are far older than you.

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