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危険度: 不明

Threat Level: Unknown

遭遇する妖怪: 不明

Encounterable Youkai: Unknown


The other side of the Sanzu River.


Obviously the Higan is not part of Gensokyo, but I'll describe it anyways.


Compared to the Netherworld where the living can go there relatively easily, the living cannot go to the Higan because of the Sanzu River.40


The Higan is a endless flower garden where there are no night and day, no seasons, just a gentle warm light that covers the place.


All people do here is to await the Enma's judgement.


They don't sleep, don't eat, and don't talk. All they do is wait, and by doing so they realize that they are dead.41


It's okay if you were sent to the Netherworld, but if you descended into Hell you'll fall outside the cycle of reincarnation and shall never enjoy the sights of cherry blossoms and the taste of sake again.

*40 と言うか、行くと死ぬ。死者も河を渡るまではまだ息を吹き返す可能性も在るが、渡ってしまえばもう生き返らない。

40: Rather, if you go, you die. Although there is a chance that the dead can breath again before they cross the river, once they make it across they cannot come back to life.

*41 最近は死者が多すぎて十王の裁きが追いつかないらしい。

41: Lately, there had been so many dead people that the Bar of the Ten Kings cannot catch up with them.