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Hakurei Shrine

危険度: 低

Danger level: Low

遭遇する妖怪: 無し……の筈

Encounterable youkai: None... or at least supposed to be


The only shrine on the eastern edge of Gensokyo.


This shrine exists on the border between the outer world and Gensokyo (*4).


All of Gensokyo can be seen from this shrine, and it is famous for having the most beautiful cherry blossoms.


The shrine maiden of Hakurei, who specializes in disaster resolution, lives here.


She watches Gensokyo from here, and if a disaster happens, she will go out immediately and make sure of the source.


Recently, it's said that she resolved the scarlet mist disaster.


Although originally youkai could not approach the shrine, there is a rumor that it has become a den of youkai, and that it's now impossible for humans to approach.


Just as in a village, one is ensured safety from attacks by youkai while at the shrine; however, there are paths that exist between the villages and the shrine that are animal trails with poor visibility, and since safety cannot be guaranteed, it has always prevented people from visiting the shrine to worship.


It has other special traits, often such as items from the outside world appearing within the proximity of the shrine or people from the outside world being spotted.


A human being from outside will become food shortly after encountering a youkai, but if his luck is sufficient to find the shrine, he can return outside (*5).


The goods of the outer world are wondrous and popular among humans and youkai alike.


For this reason, many collectors surround the shrine.


However, it is said that the purpose of most of the collected goods cannot be understood.

*4 正確にはこの神社のある場所は、幻想郷ではない。

4: To be accurate, the place where this shrine exists is not in Gensokyo.

*5 最近は外に帰りたくないという人間が増えたと言う。その場合は人間の里に住まわせる事もある。

5: It is said that the human beings who don't want to return outside have increased in number lately. In that case, they are made to live in the human village.