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危険度: 高

Danger level: High

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他

Encounterable youkai: ghosts, spirits, etc.


Hakugyokurou is a mansion that exists in the next world, with a ridiculously huge garden.


This is the home of the Saigyouji family, and its garden contains an unimaginable number of cherry trees (*31).


Usually open to the public, the garden is often full of ghosts come to bask in its elegance.


The Saigyouji family is a special family in the Netherworld, a distinguished family that live eternally with the cherry trees in the Netherworld.


They manage the spirits of the Netherworld from Hakugyokurou.


As the inside of the building is generally not open to the public, not much is known about it, but it's said that the inner sanctuary is surrounded by a large, U-shaped rock garden.


The banquet hall opens out onto a garden covered in gravel with magnificent pine trees; further in is a short fence, and beyond the fence there's supposed to be a vast cherry tree garden.


From the halls, it looks like a great folding screen with the beds, walls, and ceilings cut right into it.


The view outside from here in the spring is said to be out of this world(*32).

*31 中には妖怪桜や、桜の幽霊なども混ざっているが。

31: Also mixed in throughout are youkai cherry trees and the ghosts of cherry trees.

*32 いや本当に。

32: Truly.