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Giant Toad's Pond

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium


Encounterable Youkai: Giant Toad, others


A small pond halfway up the Mountain of Youkai.


The entrance might be near, but it is difficult to get to since it is in the middle of the mountains.


However, the water is said to hold divine powers, and is becoming an indispensable ingredient when performing Shinto rituals.


It is said that in the pond lives a toad large enough to swallow a human child whole, and that it protects the pond from those that try to desecrate it.


The giant toad won´t be aggressive unless you desecrate the pond, and if you just leave an offering behind, you are said to be guaranteed a safe return trip(*24).


The lotus flowers in the pond are beautiful, and lotus leaves and flowers floating on the surface lit by sunbeams filtered through the surrounding foliage further emphasize the mysteriousness of the pond.


Near the pond a tiny shrine is built.


Who built it, when it was built, and for what purpose are all already forgotten, but there are certainly humans that leave offerings at the shrine.


If you see to the fact that offerings immediately disappear, it is clear that something is enshrined there(*25).

*24 よく見ると、帰り道に後ろから普通の蝦蟇が付いてくる。蝦蟇が付いている事は大蝦蟇の加護を受けている証拠で、山の妖怪も手を出さない。

24: If you look closely, you´ll see that on your way back you will be followed from behind by common toads. Being followed by toads is a sign of being protected by the big toad, so the mountain´s youkai won´t lay a finger on you either.

*25 天狗がお供え物を持って行ってしまうという噂もあるが。

25: However there is also a rumor that the offerings are taken by tengu.