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Garden of the Sun

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium

遭遇する妖怪: 妖精他

Encounterable Youkai: Fairies etc.


If you go towards the heart of Gensokyo from the opposite side of mountain during summer, you'll find a stretch of land filled with dazzling yellow.


This field is called the Garden of the Sun, and the yellow comes from a great number of sunflowers.


The Garden of the Sun is generally in the shape of a south-facing bowl, so it's hard to see from afar.


The field is some distance away from the human village, but its beauty is first-rate.


However, this sunflower field becomes a concert venue for spirited youkai at night.


If you're careless enough to get caught up in it, you'd likely be surrounded by a great number of youkai (*22).


The sunflowers themselves are quite ordinary, so the field is a popular sunbathing spot for fairies in the day.


Even if you came during the day, you'd be made fun of by a great number of fairies.


I'd like to watch it hidden from far away.


The sunflowers in this field are always facing directly towards the sun, but this is just because fairies are hiding beneath them and making them turn to face the sun (*23).

*22 コンサート中は大丈夫かも知れないが、帰りが怖い。また、プリズムリバー楽団のライブとかもここで行う事が多い。

22: This might not be a problem during the concert, but getting back would be difficult. Events such as Prismriver live performances occur here often.

*23 音が聞こえると踊る向日葵も同様。

23: The same goes for the sunflowers that dance when they hear sounds.

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