A closed world, without any humans that keep historical records.


Youkai remember distorted versions of past events, so Gensokyo could not face the truth particularly well.


Because of that, the humans, not knowing the real facts about the youkai, can only cower in fear of them.


I believe that if humans knew more about youkai's strengths and weaknesses, if they knew beforehand what parts of Gensokyo were most dangerous, if they knew more about those humans who specialize in defeating youkai, then they wouldn't have to live in fear.


We, the Hieda family, decided to collect information about Gensokyo's most prominent youkai every one hundred twenty to one hundred eighty years in order to ensure humans' ability to live in safety.


This is one of such "Gensokyo Chronicles".


This has begun more than a thousand years ago, in Aichi's age. And with me, this is already the ninth generation.


The Gensokyo Chronicles are divided into a youkai encyclopedia, biographies of notable humans, a guide to dangerous areas, various unresolved materials and a monologue, thus painting a picture of contemporary Gensokyo.


The youkai encyclopedia describes each type of youkai's characteristics and countermeasures; furthermore, youkai that are known to be active today are each treated separately in detail.


This encyclopedia should serve as a guide to avoid both fearing youkai that pose little threat and intimidating particularly strong youkai.


It starts with commonly encountered youkai, such as fairies and phantoms, proceeding to powerful youkai such as vampires and tengu, providing a list of abilities, threat levels, the places and times at which they most commonly appear, and how often they're seen.


All of them are illustrated.


It's a most useful item to the human villagers.


The biographies of notable humans are introductions to humans not living in the Human Village who engage in youkai extermination and incident resolution.


They are essentially allies of humans, so if you're being harassed by youkai, you may be well served by consulting with one of the humans described here.


There are many mysteries about most of these humans, but I have tried to shed some light on the mysterious points as well.


The dangerous areas guide is a list of key locations in Gensokyo, describing each and giving a sense of how dangerous they are.


If you want to know what kind of preparations are needed in order to go to one of those places, please read this guide beforehand.


When an occasion asks for you to leave the Human Village, please read it carefully.


The unresolved materials are articles with incomplete information, articles that are in conflict with Gensokyo's reality, newspaper articles, and other inserts.


I intend to start gathering material and finish writing those.


The monologue consists of thoughts that I, Hieda no Akyuu, had when compiling this book, as well as my written thoughts about Gensokyo.


It is fine either if you read it or not, but I would be glad if you did.


With this book, the Gensokyo Chronicles have reached their ninth volume.


A new wind of change has swept through Gensokyo since the previous volumes of the Gensokyo Chronicles; I believe that the new volume has been greatly redesigned in the contemporary style, and has much easier to read contents.


I wanted people who find it difficult to read old-style writing, or who wouldn't read the Chronicles because of all the difficult sentences, to read it too.


Now, please read these Gensokyo Chronicles, and may you have a wonderful and safe life in Gensokyo.

九代目阿礼乙女 稗田阿求

Hieda no Akyu, the Ninth Maiden of Are

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