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Forest of Magic

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium


Encounterable Youkai: Supernatural Beasts, Magicians etc.


The most humid place in Gensokyo, this untouched forest that humans rarely step foot into is the Forest of Magic (*13).


The distance from the human village is relatively short, but the forest's environment is extremely hazardous to humans, the spores of monstrous mushrooms dance about in midair, and for regular humans, even breathing the air would cause a breakdown in their physical condition.


However, the typical youkai will find the place uncomfortable, and it is also a feature of the forest that even youkai refrain from stepping into it.


For that reason, if one could stand the noxious gasses that the monstrous mushrooms emit, then on the contrary, it would be both a safe and secretive place to seclude oneself.


The forest has areas of ground upon which the sun never shines, making them dark and damp.


Therefore, mushrooms will endlessly grow.

ここの茸は人間にとって食用に堪えうる物もあるが、見た目は余りよろしくない。 また、比較的幻覚作用を持つ茸が多い。

There are mushrooms here that can be used for food for humans who can stand it, but they don't look very appealing. And also, there are a relatively high number of mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties.


Once again, there are a relatively high number of mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties.


In the first place, there are those who call the forest magical only because of its effectiveness in growing hallucinogenic mushrooms.


The act of being near them alone makes these mushroom show hallucinations as if entranced by magic.


And also, for the sake of raising their magical powers with these hallucinogenic mushrooms, there are a large number of magicians who live in this forest.

*13 幻想郷はそんなに広くないので、わざわざ地名を付ける必要が少なく、通常は森といえば魔法の森、里といえば人間の里、山といえば妖怪の山の事を指す。

13: Since Gensokyo is not that big, there is not much need to bother with place-names. Usually if you mention a forest it's the Forest of Magic, if you talk about a village it's the Human Village, and if you talk about the Mountain it refers to the Youkai Mountain.