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Death Gods

主な危険度:  低

Usual threat level: Low

遭遇頻度:   低

Frequency of encounters: Low

多様性:    低

Diversity: Low

主な遭遇場所: 三途の河付近

Main place of encounters: Near the Sanzu River

主な遭遇時間: 不明

Main time of encounters: Unknown




Even though shinigami are not youkai who live in Gensokyo, since they do rarely appear in Gensokyo, they will be given an introduction here.


Shinigami usually live in Hell, working at the Ministry that determines the life spans of humans, providing directions to spirits, acting as ferrymen on the Sanzu River, and are burdened with performing other "tour guide"-type duties for the inhabitants of Hell.


Going out to greet humans when they die, the image of shinigami coming to take one's soul away only came about later. In reality, they're performing manual labor that is the physical manifestation of the Yama's will.


Regarding the characteristics of a shinigami, it will be mentioned that they carry with them an enormous scythe.


It could be said that this scythe acts as a foil to the shinigami, when in practical reality, it is one of the services from the inhabitants of Hell to the recently deceased.


When the deceased first gazes upon the shinigami wielding the giant scythe, it's been said that they think "there really are such things as shinigami" and then merrily receive their fate (*1).


Main Jobs of a Death God


Administration of Life Span


Keeping watch over the life spans of living humans, if something happens that wasn't in the plans, a recalculation of one's life span is performed (*2).


Because even when surrounded by massive bulks of data and documents, one has to further do repeat calculations, shinigami who are cut out for such a job are always being sought after.


Receptionist of Hell


Because spirits who don't know about how the system works in Hell will come around, they will explain the details to the spirits and present them with directions to various destinations.


Appearances show that the Hell-oriented shinigami are in charge of this role.


Ferrymen for the Sanzu River


Taking the fare paid by the spirits who come to the Sanzu River, they then have the job of ferrying the spirits to Higan.


Because this involves hard manual labor away from the office, it's not very popular.


But because you work by yourself, at your own pace, and can meet and talk with all kinds of spirits, those who can like this kind of work will come to thoroughly enjoy it.


Judicial Clerk


Sitting in at the court of the Lord Yamas, this work further involves documenting the minutes of the proceedings.


Only the elite among the shinigami are sought for this position, but the actual work itself is fairly simple.

*1 割と好評。

1: Reputed as a relative favorite.

*2 記録するだけなので、予定に変更があっても殺したりはしない。

2: Because this only involves records keeping, even if something deviates from the plans, the shinigami may not kill.