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第百九季 文月の一

Season 109, 1st of the Letter Month (July)


Here Comes the 9th Girl of Are


The once in a century and so Ceremony of Miare


An announcement was made by the Hieda family, one of the traditional families of the Human Village, that the new Child of Miare is born.


Her name is Hieda no Akyu. Now, with her, there have been nine generations of the Child of Miare (Girl of Are, Boy of Are).


Just as the name "Child of Miare" says, she's the reincarnation of Hieda Are, who could remember anything after seeing or hearing it once, and this lineage had more knowledge of Gensokyo than any others in the Human Village for generations.


The first Child of Miare was Aichi, who began the editing of the Gensokyo Chronicles. The Child of Miare knows the way for reincarnation, and is reborn after a century and a few decades after death.


The birth of the Child of Miare is called the Ceremony of Miare, and the Hieda family is filled with a festival mood.


The heir of Miare is born only for editing the book.


The brain is well developed but her body is weak. She`s unfortunate for having a short life even amongst the short living humans.


In exchange, the child has the memories of every generation of the heirs of Miare at birth, and is very intellectual and more knowledgeable than any other member of the Hieda family.


The Gensokyo Chronicles is data gathered by humans.


During the era of Aichi, it was for the purpose of helping humans win against Youkai, but it lost its original purpose as Gensokyo became more and more peaceful, and is now used commonly as a way to read about interesting Youkai.


Recently, it lost its original meaning completely, being opened to the public even for those that are not human.


What's more, she's the first Child of Miare after Gensokyo was closed up by the Great Boundary. I look forward to see what kind of Gensokyo Chronicles those will be.

射命丸 文

(Aya Shameimaru)


※Notice for the Birth Celebration of the Child of Miare

このたびの慶事を受け、博麗神社では有志による祝賀会が催される。 参加費は無料で、当日は十分な量の食事が用意される見通しだが、念の

To celebrate this happy event, volunteers are having a party at the Hakurei Shrine. Participation fee is not required, and it seems there will be plenty of food on the day of celebration...


The newspaper released at my birth.


I included this as commemoration.


There's one thing wrong in this paper. In truth, the only memories left from the past generations are those related to the Gensokyo Chronicles.


The part about being very intellectual is true though.