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PMiSS bambooforest


Bamboo Forest of the Lost

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium

遭遇する妖怪: 妖獣、他

Encounterable Youkai: Beasts, others


Looking out from the Human Village, exactly opposite Youkai Mountain is the place where the Bamboo Forest of the Lost spreads out.


This bamboo forest has very little when it comes to things that can be used as landmarks, furthermore the bamboo grows so quickly that scenery is constantly changing behind your back, thus it is certain that one will become lost.


There are no clearings there, the ground is mostly flat and indistinguishable, the bamboo grows diagonally and will drive your sense of balance insane, and even when attempting to purposefully walk straight, before you know it, you'll have returned to where you just started.


Furthermore, beasts who became youkai prefer to live here in this bamboo forest. This is certainly not a place for normal humans to go to (*11).


However, it is said that there are many hidden things within this bamboo forest.


First of all, what is undoubtedly there is a peaceful mansion called Eientei.


Within this mansion live extremely enigmatic humans and rabbits.


Additionally, there is someone who discovered some suspiciously shimmering bamboo, a birdhouse for a small sparrow, a flower garden that only blooms once every 60 years, and there is also information regarding the world of youkai that is beneath the roots of the bamboo plants(*12).


Even with these hardships, other than skillful bamboo harvesters, it would be best not to set foot in this bamboo forest.

*11 しかし筍は美味しい。

11: But bamboo shoots are delicious.

*12 信憑性は低いが、何しろ確認しようがない。

12: There's very little credibility, and in any case, no way to confirm this.

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