Alice Margatroid

The magician that appears before people during festivals and displays her street performances with dolls would be Alice Margatroid.

She an artistic magician that manipulates dolls with magic and makes it appear as if they were alive.

She has blonde hair and pale skin, and looks very much like a doll herself.

She's the type of magician that was originally human and became one through training.

Because of this, she is very understanding towards humans.

However, her history as a magician is shallow, and she is a novice.

She does not need to, but she still eats and sleeps and does everything a human would.

She usually lives in a compact western house in the Forest of Magic.

If you happen to wander into the Forest of Magic and lose your way, and end up at her house, it is said that she will welcome you and allow you to stay over.

However, while she says that, all she does is research magic and manipulates her dolls without really conversing, which is creepy, so it seems one would want to run away as quickly as possible (*1).


The ability to manipulate dolls with magic is magic that makes it seem as if the dolls were alive.

It isn't magic that gives life to the dolls, but magic that allows the user to control them with a thread of magic, so long distance manipulation is very difficult.

However, dolls cannot defy orders or harm their user.

The dolls she uses are not all special dolls, there are many normal dolls.

Most of them are made by herself.

She attaches a thread of magic to her handmade dolls and manipulates them freely (*2).

Daily Life

It is said that cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other household chores are mostly done by her dolls.

It seems convenient at first, but the dolls are not moving by themselves.

When you consider that she is the one controlling all the dolls, she always seems to have her hands full.

It is said that she can make her dolls move any way a human can.

She can even have her dolls control other dolls.

However, there is one thing she does not allow her dolls to do.

That is creating dolls.

It seems she only does this by her own hands.

Witness Reports

"She said that she controls all the dolls herself, but that sounds like BS." (Marisa Kirisame)

I believe people who have seen her would understand, but she controls several dolls and makes each one perform separate actions, at times makes them cooperate, and the dolls move completely asynchronously.

It really does not seem like she is controlling them, but...

"There was a large amount of dolls flowing in the river. Wasn't that the work of a doll youkai?" (Anonymous)

That might be (*3).

"A while ago, I saw a weird doll with another doll inside it. Isn't that the work of a doll youkai?" (Reimu Hakurei)

That's a matryoshka doll.



Since she was originally human, she most likely rarely attacks humans.

However, she unexpectedly enjoys battles, and if you challenge her she will gladly accept.

Since she is accompanied by her dolls, if you challenge her you will be forced into a one versus many battle.

Unless you are very confident in your abilities, a difficult battle is inevitable.

Also, attempting to destroy her dolls is meaningless and like pouring water over a hot stone.

And at times, she makes her dolls explode.

You must ignore the dolls.

She may seem like a youkai that is difficult to deal with, but she has her weak points.

That is Alice herself.

She has her hands full manipulating the dolls, so her movements are dull and her fighting ability is low.

If you are ever in a match with her, aim for her directly.


1: However, running away into the Forest of Magic and night is also scary, so you would have no choice but to bear with it.


2: She is very dexterous. However, threads of magic are not controlled by one's hand, but by magic.


3: The act of transferring misfortune and impurity onto dolls and flowing them in a river. Lately it is believed to cause pollution and is not done as often.

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