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The English transcript of Perfect Cherry Blossom for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.

An English patch for the game is also available.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The next world, resplendent with sin-laden cherry blossoms
Unseeable in life; unseeable again in death - ZUN

The background story included in the manual:

The scripts of the regular stages in the game:

This game is Curtain Fire Shooting Game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
You will wonder at the snowy paradise, and you look at what must be hidden...

The scripts of the endings in the game:

The scripts of the extra stages in the game:

How about a flower viewing in the Netherworld?
Next Phantasm...

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