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Bad Endings

To view the bad endings, finish the game using one or more continues.

  • To get Bad Ending No. 1, use Reimu, any type.
  • To get Bad Ending No. 2, use Marisa, any type.
  • To get Bad Ending No. 3, use Sakuya, any type.

Normal Endings

To view the normal endings, finish the game on any difficulty without continuing.

  • To get Ending No. 4, use Reimu-A.
  • To get Ending No. 5, use Reimu-B.
  • To get Ending No. 6, use Marisa-A.
  • To get Ending No. 7, use Marisa-B.
  • To get Ending No. 8, use Sakuya-A.
  • To get Ending No. 9, use Sakuya-B.


Unlocking stages in Practice Start

To unlock a stage to practice in "Practice Start" at a specific difficulty level and for a specific character and type, you must complete that stage in the standard "Start" game mode at that same difficulty, using the same character and type. The stage will be unlocked even if you have used continues.

Unlocking Extra

To unlock the Extra stage for a specific character and type, you must reach the "Normal Ending" (finish the game on any difficulty without continuing) with that same character and type.

Unlocking Phantasm

To unlock the Phantasm difficulty of Extra stage for a specific character and type, you must beat the Extra stage with that same character and type. You must also "capture" (beat without bombing or dying) 60 unique Spell Cards, all characters combined.


View more replays than the standard 15

If you rename replay files to "th7_ud*.rpy", where * is any string of characters, you will be able to view them in the "Replay" menu, and they won't take up any of your precious 15 slots for saving replays. However, the first 4 characters of the * in "th7_ud*.rpy" must be unique from any other * in the replay folder, or else that replay won't be recognized by the game.

Take pictures of your favourite moments

Pressing the "Home" key at any point while the game is running will save an uncompressed .bmp of the current screen in a local folder called "snapshot". Each snapshot is initially 900 KB, so be mindful of your hard drive space.


Supernatural invincibility

There is a window of approximately a half second after a Supernatural Border ends where you are invincible to any form of attack without consequence. In theory, you can collect a Supernatural Border Bonus, get hit during the temporary invincibility, and be able to collect a Spell Card Bonus since you didn't die, bomb, or break a Supernatural Border.


Merlin behaving strangely

Rebellious Merlin

This happens very rarely, but occasionally Merlin Prismriver will not team up with her sisters during Stage 4's final Spell Card, "Burial Concerto", and instead will continue her previous Spell Card movement behaviour. This results in a rather asymmetrical bullet pattern. Also, after the Prismriver's final healthbar is depleted and the fight officially ends, Merlin continues to attack during the end conversation and the Clear Bonus tally. Amusingly, it is possible to graze and get hit during this period.

Carryover Lasers for Ran and Yukari

A similar glitch exists with Ran and Yukari. If you finish Ran's "Ultimate Buddhist" or Yukari's "Butterfly in the Zen Temple" spellcards at the precise moment where they switch between the red and blue manji (in either direction), the fading manji will remain on screen. It will then power up a few moments later as usual, and then disappear completely once it powers down again. While powered up, the lasers are lethal, and you can graze them. Interestingly, the manji does NOT rotate, which allows you to just sit next to it and run up the graze counter (and, if you have a Border active, your Cherry Max).

Difficulty Level Descriptions

Like most of the Windows games, Perfect Cherry Blossoms has alternate names and descriptions for the various difficulty levels.

Easy - Entrance - For people who don't like shooting games much.
Normal - Normal - For people who are comfortable with shooting games.
Hard - Difficult - For people who play arcade shooting games.
Lunatic - Marvel - For weird people.
Extra - Liu Feng - The road that shouldn't be taken.
Phantasm - Fantasy - Planned chaos.

It is unclear what 流風 (the extra stage title) is meant to refer to. In English, it means "flowing wind". Given the motif of the game and in particular the extra stage itself, it may be meant to evoke the image of "storms" of cherry blossom petals that occur when strong gusts of wind blow through during the "hanami" flower viewing period in Japan.

Fun Facts

  • All characters, except Sakuya, Youmu, and Yuyuko are wearing nothing but socks on their feet in their profiles.

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