The Palanquin Ship (聖輦船, Seirensen lit. Star-Lotus Ship) was created by Byakuren Hijiri and is captained by Minamitsu Murasa. The ship is able to sail through the sky and even reach Makai. Her crew consists of youkai, notable members being Shou Toramaru, Ichirin Kumoi and Nazrin. Although both Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame call it a "Flying Treasure Ship", once on board, they find the ship is empty.

Byakuren made it as a recreation of the ship from which Murasa had fallen overboard, allowing her to no longer be bound to the ocean in which she had drowned.

The ship had been buried underground when Byakuren was sealed away by humans, but was brought back up to the surface by a geyser caused by Utsuho during the events of Subterranean Animism.

After the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, the ship landed near the Human Village, and was turned temporarily into a granary, before being later on renovated into a temple named Myouren Temple (Myōrenji, 命蓮寺). It is named after Byakuren's brother, Myouren Hijiri. The temple is quite popular to humans and youkai alike as of now.

The inspiration for the Palanquin Ship is the Flying Storage (Tobi Kura, 飛倉) which appears in the first volume of Shigi san Engi Emaki: Myouren made a bowl fly, so it was called the Flying Bowl (Hihatsu, 飛鉢), for people to place offerings into. When a certain rich man suspected that Myouren might be skimming off the top, he shut the bowl into a closed storage room. In return, Myouren made the whole storage room fly, along with the bowl and the other stored supplies like bales of rice. The rich man asked Myouren to give back the supplies so he did. After a long time, perhaps after long time passed since Myouren died, the Flying Storage fell into ruin, but it gained sacred power from his cloth which his sister gave to him. People wondered about it, so they removed pieces of it from the Storage.

The temple was landed directly above the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum, where Miko suspended animation. Byakuren kept a close eye on Miko and other Buddhist monks kept placing seals on her mausoleum. Nue called Mamizou into Gensokyo to fight against Miko. During Ten Desires, Yoshika Miyako was guarding the door leading to the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum under the order of Seiga Kaku.

Nue Houjuu and Mamizou Futatsuiwa currently live in the Myouren Temple.

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