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Main Profile

Okina Matara is the final boss and extra stage boss in Touhou 16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. She is the secret god of backdoors and one of the Sages of Gensokyo.

During the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, in an attempt to replace her servants Mai Teireida and Satono Nishida, she makes them use their vitality abilities to plant doors on the backs of others and empower them, so that Okina can see who is worthy of becoming her next servant. She defeats the playable characters using the door of seasons planted on their backs, however, they return and beat her. However, everything that she did regarding this incident was really only to show off her power and engrave herself into the hearts of everyone in Gensokyo.

Her origin comes from Matara-jin, a god from the Tendai Buddism sect that also had two servants, Teireita and Nishita.

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