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Undefined Fantastic Object - Omake.txt

Extra boss  The Unidentified Flying Fantastic Girl

Nue Houjuu

Species: nue
Ability: the power to make her true form unknown

A great curiosity.
An extremely mysterious youkai that flies the night sky.
That is Nue.

She's been defeated by humans many times before, but each time, accounts of her appearance are different. According to one legend, she had the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. According to yet another legend, she had the head of a cat, the body of a chicken, and the tail of a snake.

These legends were all made up, though.
In reality, she never showed people her true form.
She just enjoyed watching humans get frightened and imagine all sorts of strange things from afar.
That was her daily work.

Eventually she got tired of that and leisurely spent a long time deep beneath the earth's surface, but she got mixed up in the turmoil surrounding the geyser incident and appeared above ground once more.

She saw Murasa and the others who had been underground with her also come above ground and start plotting something. "Ah, finally I can have some fun again", she thought, and decided to give them some trouble by attaching the Seed of Non-identification to the fragments of the Tobikura.

The Seed of Non-identification was a small snake-like flying object with no determined form.
When people saw it, what they saw depended on their own experience and knowledge.

Since Reimu and the others didn't think that a block of wood had any business flying in the sky, they thought it was a round UFO of the sort that most exemplified unidentified flying objects.

Murasa and company thought that the fragments of the Tobikura had been scattered about by the geyser, but it was in fact thanks to the Seed of Non-identification.

In any case, when it looked like others were having fun, Nue would find a way to mess with them from afar. She didn't know what Murasa's group was planning, but she thought it would be funny if they failed.

However, humans appeared who seemed happy at the appearance of that unidentified flying object.
She was interested to see what sort of human wouldn't be afraid of such a thing.
So, she secretly followed them, sometimes helping them, sometimes getting in their way.

Eventually she found out that what Murasa was doing would benefit her, too, and came to regret what she'd done.

However, Byakuren did not ostracize her for having meddled with her return.
The nue thought she would have no choice but to follow the monk for a while.

Ten Desires - Omake.txt

○Extra Mid-Boss  Old Youkai #1

Nue Houjuu

Species: nue
Ability: the power to make her true form unknown

A strange and wondrous youkai that lives in Myouren Temple.

The saint that Byakuren had been holding back had finally resurrected.
When she heard about this, she decided to pay back what she owed Byakuren from last time (UFO) and called on an old youkai friend in order to increase the power of the youkai.

Naturally, she kept this a secret from Byakuren.

As a result, another youkai came to live at Myouren Temple.

Thus, she only served to make Byakuren even busier.

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