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Fun Facts

  • A nue is a legendary beast that has "the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail". Nue's family name, Houjuu, literally means "sealed beast" as written.
  • Due to her character design, theme song, and the fact she is an Extra stage boss, some fans have compared her to Flandre Scarlet. This has led to her fan nickname, "U.F.O-wen."
  • Nue is the first(?) character ZUN himself has drawn with thigh-highs, and she seems to appeal to zettai ryouiki fans. (Zettai ryouiki loosely translates into "absolute territory" and refers to the area of bare skin seen between a skirt and thigh-highs.) There is a slight shadow of doubt over this since Suwako's sprite in MoF clearly shows her wearing thigh-highs while her drawn portrait shows her wearing socks long enough to be thigh-highs but are slightly folded down to where her knees should be. Mystia also seems to be wearing stockings reaching above her knees in her drawn portrait in Imperishable Night.
  • Like Satori, Nue has a forename identical to her species.
  • In addition, Nue's spell cards are heavily reminiscent of other characters', such as Flandre, Yukari, Rumia, and Hina. Specifically, they tend to act as combinations of spell cards, often using one element from one, and one from another.
  • Nue is the only Extra Stage boss to appear as a midboss in multiple stages. Ran has been a midboss in one stage.
  • Nue's appearance as a ball of light midboss on stages 4 and 6 is similar to the stage 2 midboss of Mystic Square. Yuuka also turned into a ball of light during her battle in Lotus Land Story.
    • However, she bears the most similarity to the midboss of Lotus Land Story's extra stage. Their appearances are identical, and both drop items when leaving the screen, each ending with an extra life, or an extra bomb stock if the player died once/more than once.
  • Similar to Kogasa, she tends to scare off people by using the fear of the unknown, or the fear of her true form.
  • Nue has the tag "Heian" on her song and a couple of her spell cards. Heian may be referring to the Heian period (794 AD to 1185 AD) of Japanese history (traditionally depicted as a Golden Age in Japanese History) and/or to a former capital city of Japan (794 AD to 1868 AD), 平安京 "Heian-Kyo", which is now the city of Kyoto. Her age of approximately 800 years also places her origins at the end of or during the Heian period.
  • The melody of bass on the first part of her theme music is borrowed from UFO, the best hit song of Pink Lady.
  • Nue's "Danmaku X from a Wandering Star" spell card in Double Spoiler has danmaku in shapes resembling that of the PlayStation's button logos.
  • In Kyoto, the streets are laid out in grid-like pattern. You can see her survival spell card is referring to this.
  • Nue is the first Extra stage boss in the Windows series to have not met the final boss prior the start of the game she first appears in.
  • Nue's first non-spell card attack resembles Vivit's first attack in her second form in Shuusou Gyoku
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