Unlike the original Super Marisa Land, NSML has many different forms that Marisa can take on instead of just changing head/body proportion. These forms are sorted by order of appearance within the game, so if you want to avoid spoiling the surprises for yourself, you might not want to scroll down too far. It should also be noted that unless otherwise stated, getting hit in any non-Chibi form will cause Marisa to revert back to a Chibi.

Items marked as (Holdable) can be stored in reserve, but items marked as (Instant) take effect immediately, and will vanish after their duration runs out, as well as preventing you from using your reserve item during that time.

Any controls mentioned are run by the assumption the player is using default controls.

Chibi Marisa

Item: None

This is the form that Marisa starts off as. If an enemy hits her in this form, a life is lost. Since Chibi Marisa only occupies one tile of height, she is capable of entering some narrow passages.

Normal Marisa

Item: Mushroom (Holdable)

Like in the Mario games, grabbing a mushroom makes Marisa bigger (occupies two tiles of height). In this form, Marisa gains the ability to smash apart blocks by jumping into them from below.

Miko Suit Marisa

Item: Tea (Holdable)

In this form, Marisa dons a red/white outfit similar to Reimu Hakurei. In this form, Marisa can shoot one yin-yang orb whenever you press the Run/Action button. This orb behaves similar to the superball/fireball in Super Mario Land 1; it bounces off of the floor and continues moving in a diagonal path, bouncing off of the terrain until it either goes off screen, hits something, or keeps bouncing for three seconds. The orb can be used to take out most enemies and it can even collect the stars it flies into.

Reisen Suit Marisa

Item: Carrot (Holdable)

Marisa sports a contemporary outfit similar to the moon rabbit Reisen Udongein Inaba, complete with rabbit ears and tail. By pressing and holding the Jump button in midair while falling or at the peak of her jump, Marisa can use the rabbit ears to hover a little higher for a short moment. It's useful for crossing gaps and climbing platforms.

Suwako Suit Marisa

Item: Suwako's Frog Hat (Holdable)

Marisa dons a robed outfit and frog-eyed hat similar to Suwako Moriya. It behaves much like the Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 On land, Marisa can only move by hopping around and her jumps become difficult to control. Underwater, however, you can simply use the directional keys to swim around, which allows for much more precise movement. If you hold the Run/Action button while swimming, Marisa can swim super fast, to the point of being able to swim through currents that would otherwise push her away. You can also move while holding down, so you can pass trough passages, where only Chibi Marisa can pass. (Moving speed is very slow)

Super Marisa

Item: Big Mushroom (Instant)

Once Marisa grabs a big mushroom, she transforms into the very large and lady-like Super Marisa. As long as she's this big, Marisa is invincible, capable of defeating enemies by simply touching them. She can even smash through blocks by running into them. This form is only temporary, and when the music goes back to normal, Marisa will revert back into whatever form she had before.

Yukkuri Marisa

Item: Small Yukkuri Mushroom (Instant)

Marisa becomes a large head with a rather easygoing expression. Yukkuri Marisa has a shorter jump and cannot carry things around, but if you slide down a slope or keep "running", Marisa will start rolling very fast, becoming invincible to most enemies/hazards and can bounce very high when you press and hold the Jump button. She can do a couple other tricks, such as rolling up walls and even on ceilings for a moment if you jump correctly. Rolling into solid walls causes Marisa to bounce off of them and keep rolling the other way. Like the Chibi form, however, getting hurt in this form results in losing a life.

Tenshi Suit Marisa

Item: Peach (Holdable)

Marisa wears the clothes of Tenshi Hinanai from the fighting games. If you press the Run/Action button, Marisa will create a Keystone in front of her, which can do a few things. If Marisa walks into the Keystone, it will fly foward, taking out enemies along the way until it hits a wall or block. The Keystone can also be used as a platform, but much like a cracked tile, it will fall after being jumped off of (and breaking any blocks it falls on). Like Yin-Yang Orbs, only one Keystone can be created at a time, and it can stay on-screen for about five seconds.

UFO Marisa

Item: UFO (Instant)

Marisa's head gets stuck inside a UFO, better known as a Seed of Non-identification. While inside the UFO, Marisa will be in constant motion, floating slowly. You can use the directional keys to move in any direction and even turn around, but you can't keep Marisa still. She will also shoot projtectiles forward automatically, which can take out multiple enemies and break blocks (but only one at a time). The UFO isn't a permanant form, and after about ten seconds, it will explode after flashing for a bit, dropping a Chibi Marisa from the sky. Touching any enemies or hazards while inside the UFO will result in losing a life while picking up items removes this form.

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