ZUN's Music Albums

ZUN has released five music albums, each containing rearranged editions of older music - most notably from the PC-98 era - as well as new, original songs. Each CD also comes with a bonus "story", written by ZUN himself.

PC-98 Soundtracks

Akyu's Untouched Score is a five-volume set of soundtracks of the old PC-98 Touhou games. It includes unused songs as well, making it roughly equivalent to what you can hear in the Music Room Special of Mystic Square. (It should be noted that volume 5, which covers Highly Responsive to Prayers, uses the rearranged versions in Mystic Square.)

Bonus CDs in Fanbooks and Manga

Along with each tankobon and fanbook that have been released officially, ZUN includes a CD with a few songs on it. They range from rearranged versions of older tunes to new songs created specifically for the stories they represent.

Fighting Game Original Soundtracks

The Touhou fighting game soundtracks mostly consist of arrangements by U2(from Tasogare Frontier), but ZUN has also composed a few new songs for each game.

Doujin Albums ZUN has participated in

Finally, on two occasions ZUN has submitted a song to fan-made albums.

Fan Arrangements (Doujin Albums)

Each year since Comiket 64, fans of the Touhou series have been releasing their arranged versions of the music from the games at various conventions year-round. The arrangement scene has grown exponentially since then, and now there are hundreds of groups dedicated to making arrangements based on the Touhou series.