Momiji and the Mysterious Cave (Japanese name: 椛と不思議の洞窟, romanized Momiji to Fushigi no Doukutsu) is a roguelike in the vein of the Mysterious Dungeon games, created by BACKSPACE. The player takes the role of Momiji Inubashiri and treks through a multi-floor dungeon to face off against most of the rest of the Touhou cast. As of version 0.90b, every character up through Mountain of Faith can be encountered.


Page Description
Features List of special effects and important dungeon features necessary for survival.
Items List of all items in the game that Momiji can find, and their effects.
Enemies List of all the characters in the game that Momiji can encounter.
Strategy Analysis of strategy for surviving the dungeon delve.


Main Menu

1. Start New Game - Start a new game by selecting a difficulty. EASY ends after 15 floors while NORMAL and HARD end after 30. HARD difficulty is the same as normal except that Herbs and Spellcards are unidentified.
2. Resume - The game automatically saves at the last turn when closed or when a game ends. Use this option to continue (note that continuing after dying means it replays your death).
3. Replay View - View replays. You can only save a replay if you did not resume.
4. Controls - Configure your commands.

Additionally, pressing Esc at any time instantly quits the game.

Keyboard Default Commands

The game can be played on a keyboard or on a gamepad. The game is written with buttons as if on a Super Nintendo controller. The following are the default keyboard layout, which includes extra keys that represent combinations of inputs. The format is Gamepad Key|Keyboard Default.

  • Directional Pad|Arrow Keys: These cannot be reassigned. Moves Momiji in the direction specified. Momiji cannot move around corners.
  • Directional Pad|Numpad: These are the same as the Arrow Keys, with the exception that the diagonals will also work.
  • A|Space: Attack/Confirm. On the field, it makes a melee attack with Momiji at the space you are facing. You cannot attack through walls or around corners normally. In menus, it accepts a choice.
  • B|C: Dash/Cancel. On the field, holding it down processes movement faster (instead of the normal step-by-step movement). You automatically stop when you run adjacent to anything besides an empty space. In menus, it cancels a choice.
  • X|M: Menu. On the field, it brings up the primary menu, detailed below. Within the menu, on the normal sections it will display a message log. When looking at a Sword or Shield, it will show the effects of any Spellcards that have been attached.
  • Y|V: Direction/Sort. On the field, holding it down shows an arrow indicating Momiji's facing. You can input directions to change Momiji's facing without actually moving and using a turn. In the inventory menu, it will sort your items.
  • L|X: Extra action. It does nothing alone but is used for the following two commands. On a keyboard, there are shortcuts which make this key completely useless.
  • L+A|Z: Shoot. Fires a bullet in the direction Momiji faces. It has no limit on range, and costs Spirit Power to use. Unlike attacking and moving, you can shoot around corners.
  • L+R|Numpad 5: Stand Still. Stands still for a turn. Useful if moving would be dangerous. When held down, you'll pass turns as fast as Dashing.
  • R|A: Diagonal Direction. Since the directional pad only covers the cardinal directions, holding this button down locks Momiji to only diagonal movement, preventing her from accidentally moving straight. With a Numpad on the keyboard, this is useless.
  • S|N: Hold to disappear the main screen, showing the minimap more clearly.


  • Floor - Indicated by a number (from 1-30) preceding a letter F. The current floor, it determines what enemies and items can be generated.
  • Level (Lv) - Indicated by a number (from 1-99) preceded by the letters Lv. Momiji's experience level, it is raised by earning Points [P] by killing enemies.
  • HP - Indicated by a green gauge that depletes into red, with a fraction above it. Momiji's health, self-explanatory. It recovers at a rate of 1% per turn.
  • Spirit Power (霊力) - Indicated by a yellow gauge that depletes into black, beneath the HP. Used for Momiji's Shot, as well as using Wands and Spellcards.
  • Hunger (満腹度) - Indicated by an orange gauge that depletes into black, beneath the Spirit Power. Momiji's stomach level, when it fully depletes her HP will rapidly fall, so it must be kept full.

Main Menu

When you press the Menu button on the field, you'll receive a small menu with the following options.

1. Inventory

Views your current inventory. You begin the game with a Big Riceball and can hold up to 24 items on 4 pages. You pick up items automatically by walking on top of them. If you hold down the Dash button while moving on top of an item, or if your inventory is full, then you will stand on the item without picking it up. At this time, the item on the ground is listed on another page by itself, at the end of your current inventory.

Navigate through your inventory with the directional keys, and you can sort it with the Menu button. The sort is by category, and by the earliest item picked up in the category. The order of categories is Sword, Shield, Riceball, Herb, Spellcard, Wand.

For more information on what commands can be performed by items, see the Items section.

2. Foot

Perform actions on the object currently underneath Momiji's feet. If it is an item, it is the same as manipulating an item on the ground from your inventory. If it is the stairs, you get the same options as on the stairs (which are Descend and Do Not Descend). If you are on a trap, you get the following options:

  1. Trigger - Automatically sets off the trap.
  2. Do Not Trigger - Do not trigger the trap. The same as cancelling out of the action.

3. Options

  • 状態確語 - Displays your current status. If you have any status conditions, it will show their effects. If you do not have any status conditions, but do have Resonance Effects, it will show them.
  • Toggle minimap visibility. When it says OFF, it is on; when it says ON, it is off. Either way, holding 'N' while outside of menus will bring the minimap into view.
  • Game Log - A message log of the game. The same function occurs by pressing Menu while viewing the Menu.
  • Controls - Reassign the keys.


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