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Much of Moedan's music consists of remixes of music from the other Touhou games. A soundtrack collection can be found on this CD by the circle Mint's world.

  • Many of the stages uses a remixed version of "無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain" from Perfect Cherry Blossom. (Track 4)
  • Throughout many of the dialogue scenes, a slower, major key remix of "U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?" Flandre's very well-known theme song. (Track 3)
  • When you battle against Alice, an upbeat medley remix of her theme songs from Perfect Cherry Blossom and Mystic Square plays in the background. (Track 8)


  • 01 - 魔法少女達の百年祭マタ~リ準備中 (Title theme)
    • In the Middle of Preparations for The Centennial Festival Festa~val for Magical Girls
  • 02 - 魔法少女達の百年祭参加受付はこちらです (Spell Card selection theme)
    • The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls Participation Reception is Right Here
  • 03 - U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?そうですが何か? (Dialogue theme)
    • U.N. Owen was her? What is that?
  • 04 - Stage One Theme - 無何有の郷 -metamorphose-
    • Paradise -metamorphose-
  • 05 - Stage Two Theme - U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? -The B.H.-
    • U.N. Owen was her? -The B.H.-
  • 06 - Stage Three Theme - メイプルワイズ -amaranth-
    • Maplewise -amaranth-
  • 07 - Stage Four Theme - Bad Apple!! -salty-
  • 08 - Stage Five Theme - varied dreams -アリス・マーガトロイド-
    • varied dreams -Alice Margatroid-
  • 09 - Ending Theme - あえて言おう魔法少女達の百年祭の中の人な(ry

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