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○Stage 4 Boss  The Ghost of the Shipwreck

Minamitsu Murasa

Species: Ship Ghost
Ability: The power to cause Shipwrecks

The spirit of a human who fell off a ship and drowned in the distant past; due to her lingering attachment to this world, she was bound to the ocean and spent her days capsizing passing ships.

Humans feared her.
Their fears turned her into a youkai, and over time, people wanted to restrict her ability to move about freely.
People called her Murasa, based on her original name.

And so one day she reached a turning point.
A Buddhist priest who'd been asked to vanquish Murasa appeared.

It was everything she'd wished for, too. She didn't think she could expand her power of fear as a youkai just by sinking ships with normal humans on them anymore. The monk that appeared was apparently very well known. Her status as a youkai would surely rise if she could sink the ship the monk was on. "If I succeed," she thought, "maybe I can even attack a human that could free me from this cursed ocean."

―― A few days later, the ship bearing the monk who'd come to defeat her approached.
There were a few other humans besides the monk on that ship.
She thought she'd use all her strength to threaten them.
She thought she'd use all her strength to destroy the monk's Buddhist powers.

But, contrary to her expectations, the monk was completely defenseless.
She got no response from her beyond that of a normal human.
Before she knew it, the ship was sunk, and all of the people on it were flung into the sea.

This discouraged her.
There was no pride to be taken in defeating someone so powerless.
As she thought that, an unbelievable spectacle unfolded before her.

The monk was floating above the ocean.
"She's riding a shining boat—and it's not the one I just capsized.
In fact, that's the ship that I rode in so long ago."

"You were looking for this ship, right?
That's why you sunk all of those other ships."

The monk had made the shining ship using her own powers.

"That ship ... ... !
Ah, how nostalgic ... ... but why?"

A youkai like her was much more afraid of spiritual attacks than swords or arrows.
The monk knew this well.

"The ship that brought us here was sunk in a shipwreck.
I've used my powers to make a new ship, but this is a very special ship, so there's no one that can captain it."

The monk extended her hand out to me, into the oceans to which I was bound.

"But you can captain this ship."

And with those words, she could leave these cursed oceans behind.

A few hundred years passed.
Byakuren, the youkai saviour, had been captured and sealed by humans.
At the same time, anything related to Byakuren was buried deep beneath the earth.
Murasa, too, had been buried deep beneath the earth with the Tobikura.

She never imagined she would be sent flying back above ground by a geyser.
And so, she made a pledge:
"This time, I'll be the one to save Byakuren. Yes, riding the ship that Byakuren created."

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