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Mayohiga as seen in Perfect Cherry Blossom

The original source of Mayohiga (マヨヒガ or 迷ひ家) appears to be from "Tohno Monogatari" (The Story of the Tohno region), a collection of folk stories by Kunio Yanagida, the founding father of Japanese folklore. This strange story is mainly told in the northeast of Japan. The name of the story is sometimes written as Mayoiga (マヨイガ or 迷い家), meaning "stray house." The tale is about a strange house that people wandering into another world are supposed to reach.


Mayohiga might be the home of Yukari Yakumo and is actually located on the Gensokyo boundary, similar to the Hakurei Shrine. However, while the Hakurei Shrine is physically there on both sides of the boundary, Mayohiga acts as the rest of the boundary separating Gensokyo from the real world. Travelers who journey near the boundary will start to become disoriented and lost, and if they persist onward will find themselves spirited away to the almost dreamlike village of Mayohiga.