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東方海恵堂 ~ Marine Benefit (Touhou Kaikeidou, "Eastern Ocean Blessings Hall") is a Touhou fan game made by Primary-Color Space. It has an oceanic atmosphere reflecting some false predictions that the thirteenth Touhou game would have an underwater theme.


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Marine Benefit features three playable characters to choose from, each of which has three shot types to choose from.

The game features 'Oxygen' and 'Hydrogen' items which, when enough are collected, grant extra lives and bombs respectively. Hydrogen items are also important in that the marker which indicates how many you have also acts as the game's point of collection.

Grazing is also important as it increases Oxygen.


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Suddenly, a lake in Gensokyo expands into a small, salty sea. Not happy with this turn of events, the heroine sets out to discover the incident's perpetrator.


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Marine Benefit features all original music which mimics ZUN's style.

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