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Main Profile

Maribel Hearn (マエリベリー・ハーン Mæriberii Haan) is a student on the outside world, in a university. She majors in relative psychology and sometimes has difficulty telling the difference between dream and reality (at least, in regards to Gensokyo and other worlds of that nature). She believes subjectivity to be more true than objectivity. Together with her friend, Renko Usami, she has an interest in what would be considered the paranormal. Their club, consisting of only the two of them, describes itself as a club for necromancers. However, they don't do many of the things necromancers would normally be associated with. Instead, they investigate the possibility of other worlds and such. Specifically they're interested in Gensokyo, the Netherworld, and the Moon, and seem to be among the few, or even the only, humans on the outside world who know of Gensokyo's existence. Maribel has visited Gensokyo in her dreams, as well as the world of the gods during her waking hours. She also has the ability to bring others along with her to her dreams of other worlds under certain conditions, and show them these visions by covering their eyes with her hands.

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