Magicians (魔法使い, mahōtsukai or 魔女, majo) in the world of Gensokyo are powerful beings that have the ability to learn and practice any type of magic that exists in the world. Most magical beings can use only the innate magical power that they were born with, but magicians can develop any power they wish after studying and analyzing it.

"Natural" magicians are a subclass of youkai, and inherit this unique ability as being part of the magician race. Human magicians are not born with this special ability, but instead have practiced and trained to master the skill of a magician. However, human magicians must work much harder than natural-born magicians to achieve the same results.

A magician's home is usually filled with books, notes, or artifacts, due to the amount of studying and work required to learn any type of spell. Because of this, magicians are generally seen as indoor-loving, bookish types of people.

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