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Lily White



Lily White




Reports the spring's approach; brings spring to the area around her




Herald of spring


Wherever spring is starting to arrive


  • (Touhou 7, 9) Green eyes, long orange hair, has a pair of white feathered wings. In most stages, her hat and dress are white, with a red wave pattern outlining the edges. In Sikieiki Yamaxanadu's stage, her hat and dress are black, with a red wave pattern outlining the edges.


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Lily is a fairy that heralds the coming of spring. However, this is unknown to both the player and the characters when she appears unexpectedly in the middle of in stage 4 of Perfect Cherry Blossom to shower them with danmaku, bothering neither with words of dialogue nor even a spell card.

During Phantasmagoria of Flower View Lily reappears, many times in fact, to announce spring. It seems her idea of announcing spring is via a dense cloud of danmaku thrown at you at exactly the worst moment, but at least she's trying to do her job the best she can think of. Despite being one of the most commonly seen enemies (due to appearing randomly on every stage) she's the only non-playable character.

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, she is credited with the power to bring spring to an area the instant she passes by.

Fun Facts

  • With the exception of Cirno, Lily was the first midboss to receive a name and character profile.
  • In some circles, the version of Lily found in Sikieiki's stage is referred to as 'Lily Black', and is pictured as more serious and somewhat impish compared to the cheerful Lily White.
  • Lily is often seen with kedama, a common enemy on her stage, as pets or subordinates in various doujin works.

Official Profiles

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt

Lily White











Fairy Herald of Spring

Lily White

Stage 4 midboss. She's a fairy who appears when the weather grows warmer with spring's approach.

She mainly has the ability to announce the coming of spring.

Within the game, she uses neither words nor Spell Cards.

Her season has yet to come, so she only has access to a tiny sliver of her ability.

How much longer must she wait? When she checked above the clouds, spring had already arrived. She only wanted to announce that spring was finally coming to everyone nearby, but to Reimu and her companions, it unfortunately appeared as a hostile attack to them.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Manual

Lily White


  長期戦になったり試合に変化がなくなってくると、自分、相手フィール ド両方に、 春を伝える妖精「リリーホワイト」が出現します。

  リリーホワイトは大型弾+白弾を、ばらまくだけばらまいて去っていき ます。迷惑 です。

  ショットで撃ち落とす事も可能で、撃ち落としに成功すれば大量にEX 攻撃を相手 に送ることが出来ます。


Lily Appears!

When a fight has gone on for a long time, or has become boring, Lily White appears on both players' fields at the same time.

She will release a large number of small/large bullets before she leaves. Annoying.

She can be shot down of course, and if you do, a large number of EX Attacks will be sent to your opponent.

Even after leaving or being shot down many times, that annoying fairy continues to re-appear.

Book Synopsis

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS lily.jpg

Main article: Perfect Memento: Lily White
  • Very few youkai or spirits become active during spring, but one of them is this fairy, Lily White.
  • Lily herself finds it easy to sense the season changing to spring, but this is difficult for others to do.
  • She is not aggressive despite her actions seeming so. Even so, it is best not to disturb or attack this fairy. She is strongest during the spring.
  • She is called "the Voice of Spring", as you will not see her often besides during Spring. There is poetry dedicated to her as well.
  • It seems Lily always appears from the west and disappears towards the mountain. No one has apparently seen her coming from the other direction. There is speculation that she might be getting eaten by the mountain youkai.
  • Or, more realistically, she might have gone around the world.
  • Lily apparently has good relations with humans, as she does not seem willing to attack even if they catch her. Likewise, humans do not see her as a threat, but rather as a symbol of good luck.
  • Lily does not attack often, but when she does, it's when she is extremely excited about spring being here. When she does attack, it is advisable to get away immediately.
  • She will not leave an area where the season is becoming spring, so it is recommended that one leaves when she is attacking.
  • If you leave flower seeds behind, Lily will have fun trying to make them bloom, which makes her very popular with florists.
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