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*(Touhou 10.5, alternate outfit) Dress is red instead of blue, and she has pink hair instead.
*(Touhou 10.5, alternate outfit) Dress is red instead of blue, and she has pink hair instead.
| relationships = *[[Shikieiki Yamaxanadu]] (Boss)
| relationships = *[[Shikieiki Yamaxanadu]] (Boss)
*[[Tenshi Hinanai]]{{Hidetext|(Grudge)}}
*[[Tenshi Hinanai]] {{Hidetext|(Grudge)}}
| appearances = *[[Phantasmagoria of Flower View]] (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)
| appearances = *[[Phantasmagoria of Flower View]] (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)
*[[Shoot the Bullet]] (Stage 10-1, 10-3, 10-5, 10-7 Boss)
*[[Shoot the Bullet]] (Stage 10-1, 10-3, 10-5, 10-7 Boss)

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Main Profile

Komachi Onozuka


小野塚 小町(おのづか こまち) (♫)

Komachi Onozuka

Alternate spellings:

Komachi Onoduka




Manipulation of distance


Unknown (Possibly Immortal)


Carrier of dead spirits


Sanzu no Kawa, Buddhist river analogous to the River Styx


  • Red eyes, short red hair, wearing a white dress with a blue vest overtop. Has a belt with a large coin tied in the center, and carries a scythe with a wisp-like bending on the end.
  • (Touhou 9, alternative outfit) Same as above, except her hair beads are yellow, and her vest is green.
  • (Touhou 10.5, alternate outfit) Dress is red instead of blue, and she has pink hair instead.




See Character Titles

Komachi is widely known in Gensokyo as being a slacker shinigami. Her pace of working is slow and when the "flower incident" hit (every 60 years, a great many spirits are 'produced' in the outer world that migrate here), she didn't feel any urgency and kept going at her own pace or outright ran away from work at times. This huge quantity of spirits that hadn't yet been brought to the Yama for judging led to all the flowers of all seasons blooming as they got possessed. Maybe she spends too much time around the dead, as she sure does talk about death and suicide every other sentence when not complaining about her workload. Still, she's a rather carefree individual.

Fun Facts

  • May somehow be connected to 小野小町(Ono no Komachi). As said in link, "She was noted as a rare beauty; Komachi is a symbol of a beautiful woman in Japan." 小町 is not a common term for beauty, but it can be used to mean a "belle", the "town beauty", or the prettiest girl in town.
  • As with many Japanese names, 小野塚 小町 doesn't quite mean anything specific. The difference between the names of Ono no Komachi and Onozuka Komachi is that 塚 is added after Ono. 塚 (mound) is a character that is used in Muenzuka, it might have a connection considering the theme of the game. 小町 has adopted the meaning beauty, and is written with the characters small and town. 小野 is written with the characters small and field, field having a connotation of countryside.
  • There is a shinkansen named Komachi after Ono no Komachi. Poor humour, but it's not entirely impossible that ZUN referenced this as her ability to manipulate distance.
  • The Last Word theme in Imperishable Night, 東方妖怪小町(Touhou Youkai Komachi), contains the exact kanji (小町) for her name. This fact has been used in the titles of several Komachi doujins.
  • Fanart usually depicts Komachi's boat as a small wooden one that must be pushed with a pole, but Komachi herself refers to her boat as the "Titanic". While this could be hyperbole or a joke and there is nothing concrete to indicate her boat bears any similarity to that infamous ocean liner, it certainly is possible that Komachi is the captain of a fairly large ship, especially considering the volume of work she has to perform. However, according to Perfect Memento her boat is rowed by hand. If it's just Komachi rowing this could severely limit the size of her boat, and she's not known to have any assistants. Regardless of Komachi's own official profile which says the width of the river changes by her mood it is also mentioned in some of the PoFV dialog, especially between Sikieiki and Sakuya, that the width of the river depends at least partly on the actual ghost being ferried; "A river's width is the same as the breadth of the soul's history. How you lived decides the width of the river." This could imply that only one ghost is ever on board at once to avoid conflicting river-widths from ghosts who lived very different lives being on board at the same time, and thus she would not need a large boat.

Official Profiles

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

Th09komachi portrait


  小野塚 小町(おのづか こまち)

  Onozuka Komachi


























Guide of the Sanzu no Kawa

Komachi Onozuka

Species: Shinigami

Ability: Manipulation of distance

A youkai that provides passage for the river between Gensokyo and the other side.

She has the ability to manipulate distance.

When a person dies, their spirit must cross the river to the Netherworld. It is Komachi's duty to ferry the dead across the river. The width and depth of the river changes depending on her mood. Also, if someone has done too much evil during their lifetime, they may even not be able to cross the river.

A shinigami judges one to be good or bad not by the amount of crimes, but by money. That is to say, not the money that the deceased may have had while they were alive, but rather the total amount of those who yearned and missed that person from the bottom of their hearts. By the way, judging the amount of crimes of the dead is not Komachi's job and would be handled after crossing the river, but that's a story for another time.

After death, when she requests a passage fee from them, people tend to be surprised since the money they have on hand doesn't correspond to their own assets, but on the assets of his or her surrounding friends.

Very rich people tend to be despised during their life, and are astonished to see how little they have after death.

Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have, and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey. The river is made infinitely wide, and the unfortunate spirit is soon consumed by huge fishes and sea dinosaurs which were extinct in world of the living.

The reason Gensokyo got buried under a sea of flowers this time was because her workload went way beyond what she could handle. There were so many dead spirits that some of them were not handled in time and were left in Gensokyo, and in this puzzled state these dead spirits possessed nearby flowers.

Komachi thought that it was just a temporary issue, and worked at her own pace without the slightest bit of worry. However, it soon caught the eye of her boss, Shikieiki, and she got a good scolding because of that.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - おまけ.txt

Komachi Onozuka

  小野塚 小町(おのづか こまち)








The Sanzu Ferryman
Komachi Onozuka

Race: shinigami
Place of residence: Hell
Ability: the power to manipulate distance

   Especially the ability to change the length of a path.
   She can also affect apparent distance, so she can make it look as if you're
   staying in the same place when you're really getting closer or farther away.

   Her ability to make it seem as if you never get closer or can never get away
   makes her terrifying to humans.

  Personality: good-natured, but laid back.

   She clearly has a very edokko-like good nature about her.
   She tends to slack off from work a lot, but never acts bad-naturedly about it.

   Enjoys riling up her opponents and telling anecdotes.

   Not all shinigami are like this; this is her own personality.
   There are various different types of shinigami.

Book Synopsis

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS komachi
Main article: Perfect Memento: Komachi Onoduka
  • A tall, imposing death god, one of many who ferries souls across the Sanzu River, though she is the one responsible for ferrying most of the souls of the departed, and may even ferry living people if she has time.
  • Loves to talk.
  • She uses her ability to manipulate distance to make the width of the river inversely proportional to what relatives spent on the deceased after death.
  • Her boat, which is hand-rowed, is fairly plain and unadorned; it may be standard issue from a financially troubled Hell.
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