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Undefined Fantastic Object demo - オマケ.txt

Stage 2 boss The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella

Kogasa Tatara

Race: karakasa ghost
Ability: power to surprise humans

An umbrella that was left unused and became a youkai.
She was originally an umbrella that someone forgot, but since the color is unpopular, nobody ever picked her up, and she was carried off by the wind and became a youkai.

She rarely really hurts anyone, she just likes watching people be surprised.
However, not many people have been surprised by her, so she's reading classic ghost stories to improve her technique.

Undefined Fantastic Object - Settings and extra story.txt

Extra stage midboss  The Cheery, Forgotten Umbrella

Kogasa Tatara

She figured you'd be best off trying to surprise people at night,
so that's why she showed up.
She didn't know if anyone would really be surprised or not.
She is the only passerby youkai in this game.
She's currently thinking of plotting to go startle Byakuren, who just opened a temple in Gensokyo.

Ten Desires - キャラ設定とエキストラストーリー.txt

Stage 3 midboss Greatly Troubled Lost Article

Kogasa Tatara

Race: karakasa obake
Ability: Surprising humans

A youkai umbrella that wanders around the sky above the temple. She found her place in the cemetery, and found herself living in the cemetery most of the time.

This is because while humans that are rarely surprised in the middle of the road, they are easily scared when they are in the cemetery. And she finally did it. Amazing.

But an incident has crept up to disrupt her truly happy time.

A youkai who was never seen before has been appearing from the inside of the cemetery, and has been moving around like it was its home ever since.

She tried to get in contact with that youkai, but she couldn't communicate with the youkai at all. Feeling threatened, she wanted to shoo away the youkai forcefully.

But that ended up as futility. No matter how she attacked, she couldn't get a response out of it, so she escaped.

While she was considering whether she should ask for help of the members of the temple, she saw those humans that she saw before. They were those, whom she encountered and fought several times before.

And so she thought, "They must have come to defeat that youkai!" and decided to ask boldly.

And she ended up like this.

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