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Fun Facts

  • The characters for Kogasa mean "little umbrella", while Tatara's characters mean "very much good."
  • Tatara is the traditional Japanese method of smelting iron. Many workers lost an eye checking the color of the fire to measure its temperature and/or a leg pushing the tatara furnaces, and they wore geta to avoid the heat of floor. This brought about the tale of the Ippon Datara, a one-eyed, one-legged youkai that somewhat resembles a karakasa.
  • Her overall design is mainly blue, but has one bright red eye that distinguish it from the rest of her. It gives the effect of her having one eye, like the Karakasa.
  • She is the only Touhou character so far to have mixed-eye color.
  • Her surprise appearance as the Extra stage midboss, and the stage 3 midboss in Ten Desires was, well...a surprise to humans, us! She even appears on the Undefined Fantastic Object disc with a small caption above her that reads 'おどろけー' (Surprise~), making Kogasa one of the few characters to indirectly muddle with the 4th wall, another example being, coincidentally, Sanae.
    • Kogasa's appearance in Ten Desires seems coincidental but it seems that she was there not just to surprise her appearance but because Nue Houjuu was in the game as well due to her being her midboss and they are possible acquaintances.
  • She's the only character in Undefined Fantastic Object that has no role in the story.
  • She's similar to Chen in Perfect Cherry Blossom in that she appears as both bosses of stage two and an extra stage mid boss. But unlike Chen she has no relation to the boss of the extra stage.
  • In Undefined Fantastic Object, she says "Urameshiya". "Urameshii" means to hate or be bitter, while "ya" is similar to saying desu or da. It's often translated as "I hate you," or simply "Boo," which has become her catchphrase.
    • Ghosts, youkai, and possessed objects (such as karakasa) are said to belong to a lower realm in the Six Realms of Buddhist belief. "Urameshiya" is often said by such creatures to express envy towards humans, whose place in the Human Realm affords them less suffering. Thus, "I envy your life!" would be a more appropriate translation, although it tends to be used in the same context as "Boo!"
  • One of the few characters to have no headgear.
  • Kogasa is also one of the few characters that carries an umbrella.
  • Kogasa's unique danmaku is an umbrella patterned danmaku that spins around as it twirls and falls.
  • Kogasa's preferred attack patterns are usually spiral attacks and raining danmaku attacks.
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