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Kisume in Fan Culture

  • Upon the release of the demo of Subterranean Animism, fans immediately dubbed Kisume "Bucket Ranka," named after Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier.
  • Western fans dubbed her "Bucket Loli".
  • Fan artists interpret the clothes she's wearing inside the bucket as either a white collared blouse or a gi.
  • Perhaps due to her sharing the same stage as Yamame Kurodani, fanworks with her and Yamame and, somehow, Parsee Mizuhashi, are common.
  • Another recent meme has Kisume depicted in fan art with her bucket humorously containing everything she needs to stay alive as well as numerous luxuries, thus making sure she never has to leave it. This parallels the character Sheldon from Jim Davis's U.S. Acres comic strip (also animated as part of Garfield and Friends), a baby chick who refuses to hatch out of his egg but has everything he needs inside of it, though the similarities may be coincidental.
  • Some fanworks portray her in other objects, not just her bucket. In some cases, she can be seen in a stroller, basket, or bed, all of which you still can't see her body, just her head.