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Keine in Fan Culture

  • In some fan works, Keine is referred to as a cow (complete with milk jokes), due to her appearance in hakutaku form.
  • She also tends to be depicted with large breasts with the above as one of the reasons.
  • Some members of the Touhou community have jested that Keine's hat resembles a bento box or a house.
  • Since she has the ability to change history, some fans make jokes about her having relationships with characters that never came out in any of the games, such as Rin Satsuki.
  • Some fans draw her as a fluffy creature, called Sukusuku Hakutaku.
  • Since Perfect Memento in Strict Sense had mentioned that she was a teacher in a human village school, many fanart had showed her being a teacher in Gensokyo also, while some other touhou characters had been her students, like Cirno and Chen.
  • She is very often depicted giving headbutts. As a result, some fans tend to draw her giving headbutts as a punishment for naughty children in her class (which happens to be Cirno for obvious reasons)
    • In the fan game Gensou Shoujo Taisen, one of her attacks consists of giving a headbutt right up from the sky, resulting in an atomic explosion.
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