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茨華仙 (茨木華扇)

Kasen Ibara (Kasen Ibaraki)










seen at the Hakurei Shrine and the Human Village


  • Shoulder-length pink(?) hair with Chinese-style double buns; her right arm is wrapped in ribbons, almost as if it's covered in bandages. She wears a light dress with a darker front panel that has a thorny vine motif and a large rose-shaped ornament just below collar level.




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A mysterious girl who describes herself as "a simple pilgrim" and shows up at the Hakurei Shrine looking for the so-called "arm of the kappa".

She is introduced in her name panel as "the one-armed, horned sennin," so it's probably a safe bet that she's a sennin. Some 2ch users think she may have previously been an oni for reasons outlined below, but this is currently pure speculation that's not backed up by events in the comic.

Fun Facts

  • Her family name, 茨 (Ibara), refers to a thorny wild rose, hence the rose brooch and thorn motif on her dress. The characters 華仙 (Kasen) roughly mean "flowery mystic". In her other name, 茨木 (Ibaraki) could mean "rose bush", while 華扇 (Kasen) is written with the characters for "flower fan".
  • Early speculation in the Three Fairies spoiler topic on the Livedoor Touhou board revolved on the possibility that Kasen is based on Ibaraki Douji, the only one of Shuten Douji's group to survive. He later sought revenge on one of the group who vanquished the Ooeyama oni, Watanabe no Tsuna, by posing as a young girl in distress, then turning into a demon and attacking him. Tsuna cut off his arm and escaped, but Ibaraki Douji later retrieved it from Watanabe no Tsuna's mansion and fled again. (When Kasen first appears, she's looking for the "arm of the kappa" that's recently appeared at the shrine, but seems disappointed when she sees what it actually is. Further, her title is "the one-armed, horned sennin".) According to Japanese Wikipedia, Ibaraki Douji is said to have various relationships with Shuten Douji, and is alternately his son, or actually a woman and his lover.
  • Continuing the link to Ibaraki Douji, her "second name" (Ibaraki Kasen), interestingly enough, could also be written 茨木化仙 (Ibaraki turned sennin) ... In that vein, some 2ch users speculated that 茨木華扇 is her oni name, and 茨華仙 is her sennin name.
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