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Kanako in Fan Culture

  • In humorous fanart, Kanako is often depicted as a robot, or an RX-77-2 Guncannon from Mobile Suit Gundam due to the Faith Pillars that attach to her back during the final encounter in Mountain of Faith.
  • At some extent, Kanako is also called by another nickname: Misae Nohara. Little is known why the Japanese Touhou fans came up with that idea. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Misae and Kanako sharing a similar hair shape, or due to many fanworks depicting Kanako as a somewhat eccentric soccer mom towards Sanae. Another hypothesis about this nickname is related with one of Mountain of Faith endings:in Marisa B's ending, Kanako drills Marisa's head with her fists (a Misae Nohara's guri-guri) because she built a small shrine in the Forest of Magic, which is rarely visited by people.
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