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Kaguya Houraisan


蓬莱山 輝夜(ほうらいさん かぐや)

Kaguya Houraisan




Manipulation of eternity and temporality


Currently ageless, but has existed for at least 1200 years.


Unknown, currently in hiding, formerly a moon princess.




  • Dark brown eyes, very long black hair. Wears a pink shirt with many white bows, and a long, dark burgundy skirt decorated in yellow with bamboo and flower shapes. Her 5 Impossible Requests are seen floating around her, probably waiting for her order to engage in a Spell Card attack.




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Kaguya was once the princess of the Lunarians, a race of people living on the Moon. She was exiled to Earth over a thousand years ago for the crime of using the forbidden Hourai Elixir to make herself immortal. Arriving on Earth in present-day Japan, she was found by a bamboo cutter and dwelt among the humans she had once despised. Though the Lunarians looked upon humans with contempt, Kaguya came to love her new home.

Unfortunately as stories of her supernatural beauty spread far and wide, she was harassed nonstop by suitors seeking her hand in marriage. In order to save herself from being forced to marry, she devised her Five Impossible Requests--any man who wished to take her as his wife would be required to find, retrieve and bring to her five legendary treasures to prove his worthiness. The requests were literally impossible, as no one had any idea how or where to find the treasures, and every man who tried came home empty-handed (one man nearly succeeded with a fake treasure, but Kaguya found him out). She was eventually befriended by the Emperor of Japan, who put a stop to the flood of suitors.

After years of exile, emissaries arrived from the Moon; Kaguya had been forgiven of her crime and it had been decided that she should return. Kaguya, however, had grown to love life on Earth and had no desire to return to the lunar capital. Enlisting the help of her friend Eirin, Kaguya escaped from the emissaries and fled to Gensokyo. Taking refuge in an ancient mansion called Eientei hidden deep within a secluded bamboo forest, the two Lunarians began a new exile.

During the events of Imperishable Night, Kaguya had been hidden in a secret pathway along with the true moon by Eirin to ensure any Lunarians sent to recover Reisen would not discover her. The heroines, however, did discover her, and challenged her to return the full moon to Gensokyo. After being defeated, Kaguya unleashed her power of eternity in an all-out bid to break the spell of the imperishable night cast by the heroines. Finally she relented and the true moon was recovered.

She now spends her days living in Eientei in a carefree manner, mostly keeping herself occupied by battling her longtime rival, Mokou. In addition to fighting Mokou herself she frequently sends Eirin and Reisen to hunt Mokou down, and also enlists the heroines for this task in the Extra stage. Although she seems haughty and treats those she considers weak or stupid with derision, if shown proper respect she can be quite pleasant and friendly to those she deems worthy. Her long isolation has made her lonely, and she enjoys telling stories to any guests she might receive.

Fun Facts

  • Kaguya, and the whole of Imperishable Night, is based on the traditional Japanese story "Kaguya-hime."
  • The characters for Kaguya mean "shining night", and Houraisan means "mountain of Hourai".
  • Houraisan is the name of a legendary mountain that floats above the sea. Its inhabitants were said to possess the elixir of immortality. It was also the destination of one of Kaguya-hime's impossible tasks.
  • A silhouette of Kaguya occupies the front of Imperishable Night's jewel case.
  • Kaguya is one of the very few Touhou characters with nothing on her head - no hat, ribbons, or non-human attributes.
  • A popular nickname for Kaguya among her fans in Japan is "Teruyo"--a mispronunciation of the kanji in her name.
  • Because she has spent most of her life hiding inside Eientei, Kaguya is often depicted in fanworks as a recluse or even a hikikomori who shuns outside interaction (this is not entirely accurate). In humorous works she is often portrayed as being a NEET or unemployed geek who sits at home and surfs the Internet all day (where she got the broadband connection is anyone's guess).
  • Kaguya's appearance closely resembles that of Hazuki, the cat-ear-wearing vampire girl from the anime Moon Phase. Because of this, Kaguya is often depicted with cat ears, either real or fake, on her head, even occasionally uttering lines from the anime's opening song, "Neko Mimi Mode". The cat-and-mouse dynamic between her and Mokou adds another layer to this depiction.
  • In more serious work Kaguya is often depicted as having been driven insane or mentally unhinged as a consequence of her long life and inability to permanently die. The name of her theme song, "Lunatic Princess", hints at this.
  • Kaguya and Mokou fight to the death every chance they get. Their relationship could be characterized as a constant "Tom and Jerry" back and forth battle, although given the extreme violence they unleash against each other and their mutual obsession for these daily duels, "Itchy and Scratchy" may be a better comparison.
  • Since she is generally acknowledged to be easier than Remilia or Yuyuko, Kaguya is considered to be rather weak for a final boss (although pretty much every boss in Imperishable Night is considered easier than those in earlier games, and continues are not allowed against Kaguya, unlike the previous two). As a result fanworks often depict her as being completely helpless and dependent on Eirin to survive, and her theme song's climactic passage has had the words "Eirin, Eirin, tasekute Eirin!" (Eirin, Eirin, help me Eirin!) set to it by the fans. However, Kaguya has a larger spellcard arsenal than either Remilia or Yuyuko and attacks confidently and without hesitation in the actual game.

Official Profile

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt

Kaguya Houraisan

 ○最終ボス 永遠と須臾の罪人

  蓬莱山 輝夜(ほうらいさん かぐや)

  Kaguya Houraisan

































































































Last Boss, The Eternal Moon Princess

Kaguya Houraisan

Species: Lunarian

Ability: Manipulation of eternity and temporality

Kaguya was born in the royal house of the moon and was treated with utmost care as a princess. Because of that, she grew very selfish... But one scandal changed her life. She had Eirin make the Hourai Elixir - a forbidden medicine - out of self-interest and consumed it.

The crime was soon discovered and Kaguya was executed for it.

But Kaguya has the ability to control eternity, so she reincarnated immediately after each execution and wouldn't die permanently. Instead of killing her repeatedly, she was exiled to Earth and forced to live among filthy humans as punishment. Soon afterward, she was found by an old human male, and began life as Kaguya-hime...


Kaguya is a former Lunarian who was expelled from the moon. She enjoyed her life on Earth for a while without problems, but as rumours of her beauty spread far and wide, she started to feel bad about it.

A few years later, she was allowed to return to the moon, but she really didn't want to. She had become attached to people who she were living with and preferred life on Earth, which was far more emotional than the life she had on the moon. Even so, Earth was a bit filthy and life on Earth had its share of problems. She was torn between Earth and the moon... It was then that she found a familiar face among the emissaries from the moon. It was Eirin.

Eirin felt very sorry for Kaguya because she wasn't punished even though she was the one who made the elixir. Her desire for redemption was so strong that she was ready to do anything for Kaguya, so she decided to live on Earth with Kaguya.

Eirin betrayed the other emissaries and helped Kaguya escape. The two of them began to live in desolate place. It was so desolate that it was haunted by youkai...


A long, long time has passed since then.

The moon was no longer sending emissaries to fetch them; they had forgotten about the past and were living in peace.

One day, an event took place that made them recall the past.

It had almost been a century since Gensokyo was sealed. They were living quietly without meeting anyone. On that day, a rabbit ran into their home. She claimed to be a rabbit from the moon who had come because she heard rumours about Gensokyo, a place where non-humans live. She then said, "Humans are invading the moon and it's becoming nearly impossible for people of the Moon to live there. These humans stuck a flag on the moon and is acting like the moon belongs to them".

The rabbit had escaped from the front line of a war, leaving her allies behind...

Kaguya remembered that she, too, was a Lunarian long ago.

Humans were invading the moon?

That's ridiculous...

But the rabbit seemed to be telling the truth.

Anyway, they decided to allow that poor rabbit - Reisen - to live with them.

A few decades have passed since then.

Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen were enjoying their peaceful life.

Gensokyo makes everyone easy-going and peaceful... It really was like a paradise.

On one night of a full moon, Reisen received a transmission from other surviving moon rabbits. (Moon rabbits have some kind of telepathic ability and can communicate across great distances.)

It said:

"These filthy humans are exploiting the power of the moon and trying to build a base here. We've been urging them co-exist peacefully with us, but they never listen. We're up against a wall. We've decided to declare a final war against them.
"The tide of war is currently slightly in their favour... Their modern weaponry is far better than we expected. But don't worry, we have the wisdom and pride of our millennia of history... We will never lose.
"Dear Reisen, a war will be starting soon. Please come back and fight at our side.
"Also, please tell the humans you're living with... That we're coming to take you back with us on the next full moon. Refusal is not an option."

Reisen told them that she needed to return to the moon, but... Kaguya and Eirin were part of the Lunarian race as well.

Kaguya remembered her past.

A past of innocence.
A life of living with humans.
A memory of murdering emissaries and going into hiding.

Kaguya had a discussion with Eirin, then decided to defend Reisen from the moon's emissaries. But if they kill the emissaries, they'll have to go into hiding for a long time again. If only there was a way to make it impossible for the emissaries to reach them, then they would never have to hide again.

Just as Kaguya was about to finish speaking, Eirin presented her solution.

"If we remove the full moon from Earth, then the path between Earth and the Moon will be closed. A full moon from Earth is what makes it possible for them to come here. That's why the Lunarians only visit on nights with a full moon. If we corrupt that full moon... Earth will become a large, sealed chamber."

Thus, they hid the true moon from Earth, replacing it with a fake moon that will never be full.

It was no longer possible to travel between Earth and the Moon.

Their only mistake was underestimating the power of Gensokyo's natives, who rely on the power of the moon...

In the end, humans and youkai succeeded in dispelling the fake moon. But that wasn't a problem... Gensokyo was already sealed by the Hakurei border, so the Lunarians wouldn't have been able to enter Gensokyo to begin with.

Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen have come out of hiding and are living freely in Eientei.

So, what was the outcome of the Moon War?

That didn't matter to Kaguya anymore; Gensokyo is now her home...

Book Synopsis

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

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  • Kaguya is considered the princess of Eientei.
  • Eientei is a mysterious mansion with lots of rabbits.
  • Its existence only became known when Eirin started selling medicine.
  • Recently Eientei has begin to host public events, though.
  • Kaguya is refined at conversation, and will tell old stories to those who will listen.
  • The power to manipulate eternity is essentially the power to prevent change. It is similar to stopping time.
  • It is thought that the existence of Eientei was concealed by this power of eternity.
  • The power to manipulate the instant (or rather, extremely short time durations) allows Kaguya to do things almost instantaneously.
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