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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Kaguya

Aya reports on the "Lunar Capital Expo" being held at Eientei. The event seems to be popular among both the humans and youkai. Throughout the course of her report, Aya subtly hints that some (or possibly all) of the exhibits are fake. Aya then interviews the (self-proclaimed) rabbit from the moon, Reisen, and notes that the line for "moon rabbit" mochi is extremely long. She ends her report with a request that her readers visit the Expo.

In her follow-up, Aya interviews Kaguya on the apparent success of her Lunar Capital Expo, which Kaguya appears to be unsure about doing again. Kaguya explains that her exhibits were mainly antiques from around her house, but when questioned about their age and the authenticity of the stories behind them, won't give a straight answer, saying that people can believe what they want. Kaguya then reveals that her lineage is a long series of dilettantes (NEETs).

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS kaguya
Main article: Perfect Memento: Kaguya Houraisan
  • Kaguya is considered the princess of Eientei.
  • Eientei is a mysterious mansion with lots of rabbits.
  • Its existence only became known when Eirin started selling medicine.
  • Recently Eientei has begin to host public events, though.
  • Kaguya is refined at conversation, and will tell old stories to those who will listen.
  • The power to manipulate eternity is essentially the power to prevent change. It is similar to stopping time.
  • It is thought that the existence of Eientei was concealed by this power of eternity.
  • The power to manipulate the instant (or rather, extremely short time durations) allows Kaguya to do things almost instantaneously.

The Grimoire of Marisa

Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Kaguya Houraisan's Spell Cards
  • Kaguya's spell cards all make use of special magical items.
  • While casting spells, she uses none of her own ability.
  • Her danmaku seems to have no specific theme, aside from the rare items themselves.
  • Modern Lunarians may not be adapted to spell card use.
  • Marisa wonders where Kaguya keeps these rare items.
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