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Jo'on Yorigami is one of the final bosses in Touhou 15.5, Antinomy of Common Flowers. She is the true culprit behind the Perfect Possession incident alongside her sister, Shion Yorigami.

She has a selfish personality, as she steals wealth from others without any remorse, and uses her sister as a tool. This leads to her becoming hated throughout Gensokyo, which pleased her.

Due to using Perfect Possession with Shion, she is considered unbeatable. However, they are defeated by Reimu Hakurei and Yukari Yakumo thanks to Yukari's ability to manipulate boundaries. She manipulated the boundary between master and slave, so that Jo'on couldn't control Reimu's body.

Afterwards, she is taken to the Myouren Temple as a punishment. From there on, she only steals money from those who can afford to lose it.


  • The name Jo'on means "woman, girl, daughter" (女) (jo) and "garden" (苑) (on), which literally "Woman's garden" altogether.
  • Jo'on's surname Yorigami means "rely on" (依) (yori) and "god" (神) (kami/gami).
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