Jiang Shi (僵尸 or キョンシー, Japanese pronounce it kyonshī which how they read it in the game, lit. Stiff Corpse) are known as Chinese hopping zombies or vampires. Jiang Shi are a type of undead used in Chinese folklore. According to legends, during the day, Jiang Shi hide in coffins or dark places. Jiang Shi emerge at night and moves around by hopping with its arms stretched out. Some people say that a Jiang Shi can kill someone with a single touch. Jiang Shi prey on living creatures by sucking their qi (life essence). Jiang Shi can be controlled by attaching a seal to the corpse (As seen in Yoshika's face).

In appearance, Jiang Shi's have extremely pale white skin. They may look like someone who died only recently, or someone who has been deceased for many years (rotting flesh, corpse decay).

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