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Spell Card 192

Screenshot No. 192: 旧史「旧秘境史 -オールドヒストリー-」

Past "Old History"

(Similar rule to Reisen's SCs is applied to this and No.194. Literally 旧秘境史 is translated to "old history of rarely visited place".)

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Extra — Extra
Comment: 実際この世には歴史しか存在しない。なのに歴史に残るとか特別視する


In fact there's only history in our world, but still leaving one's name on history is

thought as something excellent. That's because history is always made-up, or so Keine said.

Spell Card 193

Screenshot No. 193: 転世「一条戻り橋」

Reincarnation "Returning-Bridge Ichijo"

(Ichijo Bridge: A bridge located in Kyoto. Local legend has it that it's an entrance to the next world.)

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Extra — Extra
Comment: 戻り橋はともかく、世に弾幕が戻る事はあれど、私の知る限り全て


Leaving returning-bridge aside, there're so many returning curtain-fires in the world.

But all of them are incomplete for me. This is the perfect returning curtain-fire. Physiologically hard to evade.

Spell Card 194

Screenshot No. 194: 新史「新幻想史 -ネクストヒストリー-」

Future "Next History"

(Literally 新幻想史 is translated to "new history of phantasm".)

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Extra — Extra
Comment: ネクストヒストリーはフューチャーだ。歴史を創る力は未来を創る。


The next history is the future. The ability to create history is the same as creating the future.

People who always look to the future are actually walking backwards to the past, or so Keine said.

Spell Card 195

Screenshot No. 195: 時効「月のいはかさの呪い」

Limiting Edict "Tsuki no Iwakasa's Curse"

(Tsuki no Iwakasa: the person who went to throw Hourai Elixir into Mt.Fuji by Emperor's order. Apparently Mokou murdered him and stole the Elixir in this story.)

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: 歴史に残らない殺人事件。現在でも未解決の殺人事件がどんどん時効


A murder incident that has disappeared from history. An unsolved murder case that's

rapidly approaching the statute of limitations. If nobody knows about it, it's no longer a crime.

Spell Card 196

Screenshot No. 196: 不死「火の鳥 -鳳翼天翔-」

Immortal "Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix-"

(鳳翼天翔 is Ikki's attack skill in 'Saint Seiya')

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: ほーよくてんしょー。どういう仕組みかは不明だが強いらしい。


Ho-yoku Tensho-. I don't know how it's set up, but it looks strong.

The Phoenix, Fenghuang and Suzaku are often thought of as the same thing, but is it really so?

Spell Card 197

Screenshot No. 197: 藤原「滅罪寺院傷」

Fujiwara "Flaw of Forgiving Shrine"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: 権力者は祟りを畏れていた。寺を建て善行を重ねたのに、祟りは


A certain powerful person was afraid of curses. Even though he built a temple and did lots of

good deeds, curses showered down upon him like rain. But that couldn't be helped, because it was a virus.

  • Bullets won't spawn you unless you stay on the same line as Mokou and the familiars. That way you can be safe.

Spell Card 198

Screenshot No. 198: 不死「徐福時空」

Deathless "Xu Fu's Dimension"

Xu Fu - an ancient Chinese alchemist sent by the First Emperor of Qin to find the elixir of life on a fabled island. Legends have it that he found Japan instead.

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: 使いの途中で面倒になって定住しちゃった人。いたる所に徐福伝説が


A messenger who got stopped en route and ended up settling down.

The reason you see Xu Fu's legend everywhere is because he found the Hourai Elixir and became immortal.

Spell Card 199

Screenshot No. 199: 滅罪「正直者の死」

Forgiveness "Honest Man's Death"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: あーあ、正直者は馬鹿を見るよ。でもね、馬鹿を見ているように見える


Ah, honest men sure look stupid. But, you know, the reason you think they look stupid

is because you have a liar's perspective. In fact, they're the ones who reap the most benefit. Even if they die.

Spell Card 200

Screenshot No. 200: 虚人「ウー」

Hollow Giant "Woo"

(虚人 refers to an immortal being called "Wu" (Chinese reading of 无: nothing) that is depicted in a manga; '3x3 Eyes' by Yuzo Takada. The car-running over part is how Yakumo, the protagonist, nearly dies before being turned into a Wu.)

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: うー。余り美しくない不死鳥。車に轢かれてぐちゃぐちゃ。


Woo. A not-so-beautiful phoenix. It got run over by a car, and splat.

This attack is something like putting her hand to the ground, and Touchah! (joking too much)

(It's a reference to 'Tou Zaau' (Cantonese reading of 土爪); a spirit that is depicted in the manga. Tou Zaau looks something like a crab that splits the ground apart when its summoner puts his hand to the ground and summons it.)

Spell Card 201

Screenshot No. 201: 不滅「フェニックスの尾」

Everlasting "Phoenix's Tail"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: 量産型不死鳥の尾っぽ。比較的安価。最近の不死業界では、蓬莱の薬な


Phoenix's tail, mass-production model. It's relatively cheap. Lately, immortal society has found it's easier to prolong their lives with something inexpensive like this, rather than look for something as rare as the Hourai Elixir, so it's gotten popular.

Spell Card 202

Screenshot No. 202: 蓬莱「凱風快晴 -フジヤマヴォルケイノ-」

Hourai "Fujiyama Volcano"

(凱風快晴 is literally translated to "Victorious wind, Clear blue sky" and an ukiyo-e (a depiction of Mt. Fuji) by Hokusai Katsushika. In Cage In Lunatic Runagate, the goddess Princess Sakuya warned Mokou and Iwakasa that Fujiyama would become active and erupt again if the Hourai Elixir were thrown into it.)

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: 富士山は火山です。結構噴火します。何か私が富士山に登ると八合目


Mt.Fuji is in fact a volcano, that often erupts. I feel like if I got 80% of the way up

Mt. Fuji, it'd erupt, so I won't climb it. I'm fine just looking at it from down here.

Spell Card 203

Screenshot No. 203: 「パゼストバイフェニックス」

"Possessed by Phoenix"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: まさに焼鳥。マージャン用語ではない。私が良く食べる手羽先、


The grilled chicken, not the mahjong term. Please, my favorite chicken wings,

please don't suddenly come back to life. Please don't possess me.

Spell Card 204

Screenshot No. 204: 「蓬莱人形」

"Hourai Doll"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra
Comment: そうかあんたですか。あの時の不思議な人間は。


I see, so it was you. You were that strange human.

Well, then, you won't die. After all, you're immortal.

(Probably referring to the short story included in "Dolls in Pseudo Paradise".)

Spell Card 205

Screenshot No. 205: 「インペリシャブルシューティング」

"Imperishable Shooting"

Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Extra — Extra (Last Spell)
Comment: シューティングは終わらない。でもこの攻撃はシュートしていない。


The shooting doesn't stop, but there isn't any shooting in this attack.

There's a reason I named it this, though (come on, tell us!)

To unlock: Beat Extra with capturing at least 7 spell cards in one play.

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