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The endings depend solely on what the player does and not on the difficulty level the game was set at.

Bad Endings (Endings 9-12)

A Bad Ending is reached if the player runs out of lives during FinalB or if the time of day reaches 5:00 AM (outside of Kaguya's last words).

Normal Endings (Endings 5-8)

Normal Endings are achieved by successfully completing FinalA and defeating Eirin (continues are allowed as long as the timer does not reach 5:00 AM). Failing on Eirin's Last Spell does not matter (although it deprives you of a hefty point bonus).

Good Endings (Endings 1-4)

Good Endings can be seen by successfully completing FinalB and defeating Kaguya (this must be done without continuing). Failing on Kaguya's Last Spells does not matter (although it deprives you of the chance to challenge any more of Kaguya's Last Spells and you will not be able to get the Night Bonus added to your score, hurting your chances for a very high score).


Unlocking Extra

Extra mode can be unlocked for a given character or team by completing both Final stages successfully with that character/team. The difficulty level the game was cleared at does not matter; any level will work. However, the difficulty level of Extra is not adjustable, and those who cleared the regular game on Easy mode may receive an unpleasant surprise when they attempt to challenge Extra, while those who played Hard or Lunatic will experience a more natural (if such a term is appropriate) transition of difficulty. On Extra the starting number of lives in reserve is fixed at three and is not adjustable.

Unlocking 6 and 7 initial lives

By reaching bad endings (using continues until the clock reaches 5:00 am) once or twice, you unlock the choices for 6 and 7 initial lives on the options menu.


Solo Mode

After earning good endings for all four teams (on any difficulty), you will gain the ability to use all eight characters individually. The only major difference is that the girls' shots stay the same whether they are in focused or unfocused mode, and some of the movement speeds (Remilia's, for example) are different than when they were on a team. Furthermore, Youmu gains the ability to keep her ghost half's direction of fire locked while holding the slow button, while Remilia gains the ability to keep her familiars in front of her while moving when not using the slow button. Other than that, any characteristics they had as part of a team (counter-bomb time, automatic item collection, automatic bomb replenishment) will be retained. To select an individual girl, keep scrolling past the teams at the character selection screen.

The Phantom Gauge will be reconfigured depending on which girl you select, since it is impossible for a human to be fully phantom or a youkai to be fully human. Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya's Phantom Gauges have a range between -100% and +20%; Yukari, Alice, Remilia and Yuyuko's Phantom Gauges range from -20% to +100%. Youmu is a special case, due to her unique nature; her gauge has a range between -50% to +50%.


The running time displayed on the other status list in the game's results section tends to be greatly exaggerated. Every time the game is opened in Windowed mode, it adds the system's uptime to the game's running time.

Malice Cannon Glitch: When using the Magic Team, pressing the shift button on and off every half second or so creates an interesting effect. Both Marisa and Alice's shots will stay on screen at the same time, resulting in the Malice Cannon, which inflicts the most amount of damage on the opposition in all of IN. Other teams can use this, but it the most pronounced with the Magic Team. Similar to Marisa B's bug in Mountain of Faith in nature.

During the Extra Stage, when Keine enters, her hitbox is active. This means during the conversation, you can can collide with her and lose a life. This also happens when you collide with Marisa/Reimu in Stage 4 during a conversation. This can be compared to the way Merlin could sometimes kill you in Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Th8 PlayerBug

6-7 Lives Glitch/Bug: If the last Config Data about player is 6/7 and the Score Data is deleted, then the new data still able to use 6 or 7 Lives , but cannot change to 6/7 lives anymore after changing the lives. (since it was locked, but unlocked previously)

Difficulty Level Descriptions

Like most of the other Windows games, Imperishable Night has descriptions and alternate names for each of the difficulty levels.

Easy - New moon - For people who don't play Touhou very much.
Normal - Crescent moon - For people who play Touhou often.
Hard - Archer's moon - For those who often play STGs.
Lunatic - Warring Gibbons Moon - Not suited for anyone.
Extra - Full Moon - The moon drives people mad

The archer's moon is the half moon, which looks like a bow being drawn. Matsuyoi and Mochizuki are names for the Full Moon in the eight lunar month using the old Japanese calendar.

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