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Below only enlist Touhou-related releases from IOSYS.

東方風櫻宴 Phantasmagoria mystical expectation (Tōhō Kazakuraen)

  • Released May 21 2006
  • The first IOSYS Touhou Project arrangement CD, mainly instrumental. Only the first and third tracks having lyrics.

東方乙女囃子 (Tōhō Otomebayashi)

  • Touhou Maidens' Orchestra
  • Released Aug 13 2006
  • The Otome Bayashi includes one of IOSYS' most famous songs, "Marisa Stole the Precious Thing", but is also mainly instrumental.

東方月燈籠 (Tōhō Tsukitōrō)

  • Touhou Moon Lantern
  • Released Dec 31 2006
  • In this CD, "Stops at the affected area and immediately dissolves ~ Lunatic Udongein" is included, which is widely known as "Overdrive" among English-speaking fans. This is the first IOSYS CD in which every track (except the 14th) has lyrics .

東方永雀峰 (Tōhō Ējanhō)

東方萃翠酒酔 (Tōhō Suisuisūsū)

  • Touhou Gathering Green Wine Drunkenness
  • Released Aug 17 2007

ごっすんとかのからおけ (Gossun to ka no Karaoke)

  • Released Nov 11 2007
  • Contains karaoke selections from previous albums.

東方河想狗蒼池 (Tōhō Kasokusōchi)

  • Touhou Blue Land of Rivers, Visions, and Tengu
  • Released Dec 31 2007

ねこみことかのからおけ (Neko Miko to ka no Karaoke)

  • Released Mar 03 2008
  • Contains karaoke selections from previous albums.

東方真華神祭 (Tōhō Makashinsai)

  • Touhou Splendid Divine Festival
  • Released May 25 2008

ごっすんリミックス アイン (Gossun Remix Ein)

ごっすんリミックス ツバイン (Gossun Remix Zwein)

  • Released May 25 2008
  • Second half of the Marisa Stole the Precious Thing remix album project.

東方想幽森雛 (Tōhō Sōyūshimpi)

  • Touhou Such a Mystery
  • Released Aug 17 2008

おさいせんとかのからおけ (Osaisen to ka no Karaoke)

  • Released Oct 13 2008
  • Contains karaoke selections from previous albums.

東方氷雪歌集 (Tōhō Hyōsetsukashū)

  • Touhou Anthology Of Ice And Snow
  • Released Nov 02 2008
  • Excluding the gossun remix albums and karaoke albums, this is IOSYS's 9th Touhou album. All arrangements are of Cirno's theme, おてんば恋娘.

東方泡沫天獄 (Tōhō Bubbling Underground)

  • Touhou Bubbling Underground
  • Released Dec 29 2008

東方超都魔転 (Tōhō Chotto Matten)

  • Touhou Just A Moment
  • Released Mar 08 2009


  • Released Mar 08 2009
  • ARM solo instrumental album.

東方月燈籠セーフ! (Tōhō Tsukitōrō Sēfu!)

  • Touhou Moon Lantern Safe!
  • Released Apr 01 2009
  • Re-release of Touhou Moon Lantern with some tracks removed or reordered and new ones added.

東方年柄年中 (Tōhō Nengaranenjū)

  • Touhou All Year Round
  • Released Aug 15 2009

東方JeuXinTerdiTs (Tōhō Jeux Interdits)

  • Released Dec 12 2009
  • minami guitar album.

東方アゲハ (Tōhō Ageha)

  • Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Released Feb 14 2010

東方銀晶天獄 (Toho Crystallized Ocean)

  • Released Mar 14 2010

燃えろ!東方ブラスバンド (Moero! Tōhō Brass Band)

  • Released May 5 2010

東方 Faithful Star (Touhou Faithful Star)

  • Released July 11 2010
  • Second minami guitar album.

東方恋苺娘+ (Touhou Koiichigo Musume)

  • Released August 14 2010

東方うたうチルノちゃん (Touhou Utau Chiruno-chan)

  • Released August 14 2010


  • Released September 19 2010

東方メリーゴーランド (Touhou Merry-go-Round)

  • Released September 19 2010


  • Released October 11 2010


This dōjin circle is mainly formed of people living in Hokkaidō, and a few based in Kantō. It occasionally hosts guest participants, such as LUV2 (CTBR) or 溝口ゆうま (大江戸宅急便). Members of Innocent Key have been frequent guests in recent albums.


According to the one-hundred-fifth-second version of IOSYS's web radio "Nurupo Housoukyoku", the titles of CD include several jokes of letter. Each title of the first to the eighth CD includes a kanji from one of the Rozen Maidens' names. So, at least, the titles are parodies like below.
1st. 東方風宴 (Main Character 田ジュン)
2nd. 東方乙女囃子 (Another name of Rozen Maiden 薔薇乙女)
3rd. 東方月籠 (1st Doll 水銀)
4th. 東方永峰 (2nd Doll 金糸)
5th. 東方萃酒酔 (3rd Doll 星石)
6th. 東方河想狗池 (4th Doll 星石)
7th. 東方華神祭 (5th Doll 紅)
8th. 東方想幽森 (6th Doll 苺)
9th. 東方氷歌集 (7th Doll 華綺晶)
10th. 東方泡沫天 (OP song of Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre 薔薇乙女)
11th. 東方超都転 (Villain Character ラプラスの)

Other jokes are about four-character idiom.
1st. 東方櫻宴 (風)
2nd. 東方乙女囃子 (the sound of 囃子, "hayashi", is the same as 林)
3rd. 東方月籠 (the left side radical of 燈 is 火)
4th. 東方永雀 (the left side radical of 峰 is 山)
They are compounded to be read as 風林火山.
5th. 東方萃翠酔 (酒)
6th. 東方河想狗蒼 (池)
7th. 東方真華神 (the upper-left side is nikuduki, 月, or meat, 肉)
8th. 東方想幽雛 (森 includes 林)
They are compounded to be read as 酒池肉林 (extremely luxirious and bestial. literally, alcohol in pond and meats among trees).

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