PMiSS humanvillage

Humans living in the Human Village.

Humans (人間, ningen) in the land of Gensokyo are physically similar to humans in our world, but are remarkably different in terms of abilities. In ancient times, brave humans, who knew how to deal with supernatural entities, traveled to a youkai-infested area that we now call Gensokyo. They settled there in order to watch the youkai and keep them from terrorizing the rest of the countryside. These capable humans battled the youkai often. One day, Gensokyo was sealed away from the rest of the world. Having been separated from the rest of humanity, Gensokyo humans have ignored scientific advances and developed formidable innate spiritual power to survive. Today, the normal Gensokyo human is probably a little more powerful than the average youkai, but the population of youkai greatly outnumbers humans. Most humans live in the Human Village, but a few live in other notable locations.

Of course, there exist exceptional humans who can fight on equal terms against the most powerful beings in Gensokyo.

Many other characters are half-breeds (Half human and another half species).

Maribel Han and Renko Usami are outsiders, humans living in the world outside Gensokyo. Also see the Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article on Outsiders.

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