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度重なる天変地異、あらがえない天災の恐怖、 それらは人間の里に厭世観をもたらした。

The terrors found in recurring disasters and unavoidable catastrophes; they have brought pessimism to the human village.

里には重苦しい空気が渦巻いている。 しかしながらそれは絶望感では無い。 何をしても人間の未来は変わらないという閉塞感に近い物であった。

A gloomy atmosphere swirls about the village. But it's not a feeling of despair. It's more like claustrophobia.


"Why not?"[1]

誰が発したのだろうか、そんな声が聞こえて来る気がする。 そうだ、何も変わらないのなら、何をしても良いんじゃないか? そうだ、もっと刹那的に生きれば良いんだ。 次第に里の人間の心は解放され、それと同時に秩序が乱れていった。

No one remembered speaking it, but this voice still made itself heard. If nothing is going to change, shouldn't we just do whatever we want? We should just live for the moment. Little by little the hearts of humans in the village have become uncaring, and they have begun to fall into disorder.

その様子を別の視点から見る者達が居た。 宗教家達である。 宗教家は乱れた人心を掌握しようと考えた。 秩序を取り戻すと同時に、自らの信仰を集める良い機会だからだ。

There are those who view the scene from a different perspective; the religious. They believe that they should seize control of the people who fell into disorder. Because as well as restoring order, it would be a great opportunity to gather faith at the same time.

幻想郷にお寺を建立した僧侶、俗世を捨て不老不死を目指す道士、 そして復権を目指す巫女。 彼女達は決意する。こういう時こそ「私の出番」だと。

The priest who has built a temple in Gensokyo, the Taoist who abandoned the material world and dreams of immortality, and the shrine maiden who seeks rehabilitation. They've all decided; now is their time to take the stage.


Now, with your beliefs as your weapons, battle with appeal and fight over your popularity!

東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade


  • ^  Eejyanaika (ええじゃないか) is simply a way to say "why not?"/"isn't it okay?" in Japanese, however this term is usually used to refer to the historical communal activities which occurred in many places of Japan in between Edo and Meiji era, and the game is apparently referencing the content of this event too.
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