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Intro theme
This Dull World's Unchanging Pessimism

Title Screen theme
Shinkirou Orchestra

A Popular Location

An Unpopular Location

It is like the part for a different feeling, with the triple time it goes a bit into a different feeling direction. The title's "popularity", is it read as "ninki" or "hitoke".

Today's Front-Page Headline

The newspapers displayed during VS mode have various random parts, so it's hard to see them all! After they're displayed, the characters appear and it's hard to see, so try to time it right and take a screenshot to check what they say!

Reimu Hakurei's theme/Hakurei Shrine
Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path

Marisa Kirisame's theme
Magus Night

Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan's theme/Palanquin Ship
The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl

I knew what direction I wanted to go based on the intro, so this went relatively smoothly. I took the strings into consideration for this piece and used a key with sharps, but I'm originally a brass player, so using sharps is tough for me. This song was tough, too, with the Bs and Fs. Why did I write it in this key?

Byakuren Hijiri's theme/Myouren Temple
Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

I used some easy-to-make instruments, so I'm not really sure what genre this arrangement ended up as. I guess maybe it's game music? This song has lots of motifs, so I thought it'd be easy to arrange, but I feel like I ended up running out of material at the end.

Mononobe no Futo's theme
Oniwa Legend

A laid-back, easygoing piece. I didn't really mean for it to end up that way. Maybe it's the accordion's fault. This song doesn't have many of the motifs from the original, which is a problem. I don't have anything to write, which is a problem. I'll just have to fill space by saying Futo is cute. There, all filled.

Toyosatomimi no Miko's theme
Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator

I gave up on my original plan for this song, so the instrumentation feels a bit irregular. Basically, only using a few instruments is nice. Just having the pad play whatever chords fit is soft! Shifting up a minor third is soft! I'm out of time, so be soft on me!

Nitori Kawashiro's theme
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend

Koishi Komeiji's theme
Hartmann's Youkai Girl

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's theme (Disguised)
Futatsuiwa from Sado

It was suggested that I made the intro a samba, so the arrangement ended up like this. I was kicking this one around in my head for a while before I actually started working on it, so I finished it right away! It'd be nice if they were all like that!

Mamizou Futatsuiwa's theme
Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo

Hata no Kokoro's theme (Pre-Battle)
The Village in the Dead of Night

This one is kind of a creepy, unenthusiastic pre-boss theme. I tried to make it so that it'd sound okay no matter where the song cut out, but there's a silent period between songs, so I really didn't need to trouble myself with it at all. What a sad memory.

Hata no Kokoro's theme
The Lost Emotion

Emotionless humans wander the village. The ending has a bit of a horror feel to it, but the song is energetic. It's not really what you'd call despair, in a number of ways.

Morning Clouds

An ending theme in the usual, docile form. As far as position within the game goes, this is the low point of the excitement curve. Playing a song with a slow tempo really has a big effect. Delicious.

Staff Roll
Officially-Sanctioned Twilight Newspaper

5/8 time is fun! Producing the staff roll is fun! It feels like making the images was harder than doing the song, but I'm satisfied. The newspapers in this part don't have any random parts, but they're only on-screen for about 3 seconds each, so try to time it right an—

Character Select
Performer Selection

The character select theme. "This Dull World's Unchanging Pessimism" and this phrase are the same.

Last Word
Last Word Unleashed

Everyone will instantly die in last word, isn't that good!

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