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Fun Facts

  • There was a hint in Ten Desires at the end of Yoshika Miyako's dialogue with Youmu Konpaku that she thinks that all the events happening now would cause another religious war, which is possibly a foreshadowing to the events occuring in Hopeless Masquerade.
  • You can create your own icon/profile picture that is next to the skill bar at the bottom for the game. The size must be 32 by 32 pixels and must be a Bitmap file.
    • To do this easily: Copy an image onto Microsoft Word. Right click and press crop image. Then crop the image to the area you want as your icon, (Could be the face). After you have cropped the image you then make it smaller (Click edge of photo and drag it inwards). Open Paint and copy the edited image from Word onto Paint. If the image makes it over 32 x 32 (Seen at the bottom in Paint) then you must make it a little smaller in Word. Then keep doing this until you have it the right size. To make the white area in Paint 32 x 32 pixels, click File and then Properties, click Pixels and type 32 for both Width and Height. Then click File, then hover over Save as and click BMP picture. Move the image into the game folder and then into the icon folder. Your icon should be ready in the profile area in the game for use.
  • It was stated that Hata no Kawakatsu founded the Moriya Clan and this was the reason why non of the Moriya gang showed up in the character roster even though they are a major religious group as well for Shintoism.
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