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Touhou Hopeless Masquerade can be played by a keyboard or (to be confirmed) a gamepad

The default keyboard controls for Player 1 are as follows:

  • The Arrow Keys move the character.
  • The Z key corresponds to the A button.
  • The X key corresponds to the B button.
  • The C key corresponds to the C button.
  • The A key corresponds to the X button.
  • The S key corresponds to the Y button.
  • The D key corresponds to the Z button
  • The ESC key corresponds to the Pause button.
  • A+B can trigger the C button.
  • X+Y can trigger the Z button.

Character movement will be represented using the button placement found on the numpad of a typical PC keyboard.

4 5 6

The number 6 will denote the forward button, and the number 4 the backwards button. This means that the 6 button moves the character to the right and that the 4 button moves the character to the left, regardless position, a character doesn't turns itself if one is facing to the right when going to move to the left, instead it will move backwards while still facing to the right, the same thing goes when facing the opposite direction. The number 2 is the down button, and the number 8 is the up button. The 5 button doesn't does anything aside from making you stand since this button is located in the center, doesn't triggers any direction or any action.

You noticed that the 1,3,7 and 9 button don't really do or trigger anything on this game, so they are discarded for now, this game bases almost every if not every attack on these 4 directions (up, down, left, right).

Basic Gameplay

Hopeless Masquerade is quite different from its previous games, this time every character flies/floats when fighting and in selection screen, there is no dash button, instead press 4/6 twice to "dash" and "grace" with the character, some of them do a different action though.

The game, like some previous games, is fighting-based, two characters fight each other on screen and do a wide variety of moves and special actions to deplete each other's health bar until defeat.

There is a health bar on the top of screen for each character and a sky-blue like bar which shows the spirit energy left for projectile-based attacks.

Movement and Flight

Moving around is generally similar for all characters, though each character may have some differences in movement and speed.

  • The 4 and 6 buttons move the character forward and backwards depending on direction that is being faced.
  • The 2 button makes the character fly downwards, the character might fly up the same distance if the opponent is not in a lower position too.
  • The 8 button makes the character fly upwards, the character may fly down if the opponent is still below you when doing this action.
  • Pressing 44 or 66 will make the character dash forwards or backwards (again, depends on direction faced), making it able to move faster and "graze" (explained later) bullets or projectiles fired, further dash will make certain characters dash even faster (forwards) or do a different action (while still dashing).

Standard Moves

All characters have a set of standard moves, a tapped A shall be referred to as "A" and a tapped "B" shall be referred as "B" (it doesn't matters if you have different keys for these buttons, we are talking in general and in-game here, not about your key settings).

The "A" button is solely for combos, when close to the enemy, pressing "A" multiple times will make the character do consecutive attacks (known as combo), the finishing attack can be the done in different ways if you press "A" and any direction (8,6, or 2 respectively) or if you press "B" and any direction (explained before).

The "B" button serves as a strong attack, pressing "B" makes the character do the finishing attack of the combo instantly, when pressing any direction, it will do different attacks depending on which direction is pressed. Also, pressing the opposite direction that is being faced and "B" along will make the character do the attack like if only "B" was pressed.

The "C" button starts the skill attacks. You can "edit" the skill cards set, just go to your profiles and press the 2nd option (when in character choosing screen), there you can set the skill cards desired, you have 4 cards in 4 directions, the "directions" that are being talked here are 2 (down),4 (left),6 (right) and 8 (up) respectively, in battle, the attacks you do with "C" are depending on the cards set for each direction, you can repeat these cards among directions if you desire.

By the way, pressing "C" neutrally does nothing more than putting up the shield (explained later).

The "X" and "Y" button each do a single projectile attack; these do not vary, regardless of the direction key pressed, and have no variations or changes.

the "Z" button works like the "C" button, but here you can set spell cards aside from skill cards, the spell card toggle and function will be explained later on.


Like any other fighting game, each character has a health bar on the top of the screen, when being hit, the bar decreases and a small sky-blue like bar grows, when the health bar is depleted, the opponent is defeated.

The sky-blue bar function is explained below, this bar is the same health bar, it can decrease when taking damage until it depletes.


The "sky-blue" bar that grows by each successful action you do is the "Spell card" bar, when you're either being hit or doing any successful action, the bar grows, when the white bar is overlapped by this bar, it means you can do any spell card that is set in the "Z" button, just press the direction of it and the spell card will be announced, press again the "Z" and the direction button that was set for such card and you will start doing the already said move, when finishing the spell card, the bar depletes and the white bar is shown again.

Each character has 2 spell cards and a Final Spell, the spell cards can be set in any direction that is offered by "Z" (just like "C", you can edit them like it has been explained before).

The "Final Spell" is only reachable when the Faith bar is fully blue, this property is explained later, this spell CANNOT be set in the spell card set, you must press "Z+C" in order to do such card, this is instantly done, so be careful when doing this.

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