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Touhou Shinkirou(HeartElegantTower) ~ Hopeless Masquerade (東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade) is the 20th game of the Touhou Series. It was officially released on 26 May, 2013. It is a fighting game made by a collaboration between Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier. A video has been released showing how the game will work.

A free trial was released on the Internet on April 12, 2013 following an announcement on ZUN's Twitter, which re-balanced the three existing characters, added a third stage, and introduced the netplay feature.


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東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade

According to the teaser website, the focus of the game appears to deal with the themes of Faith covered in previous installments of the Touhou series. The small “world” within Gensokyo of humans is plagued with hardship and as such, they became pessimistic. People began to feel hopelessness when the imminence that the future would not change began to approach. Should also be of note that the phrase in brackets (ええじゃないか!) can be translated as “Isn’t this great!” The transience of life became accepted and life itself changed to suit this pessimistic style of thinking. Thus, order became chaos. The more devout became aware of these changes, and sought to fix this. Thus, Faith was needed once more. Monks were able to establish temples, Taoists (?) who wished to leave behind their earthly ties and gain immortality and priestesses who wished to be reinstated to their rightful place…

These girls have decided. As such, it was time to declare “It’s my turn!”

A charming battle using weaponry of Faith is about to begin.